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Frances Ashcroft

GlaxoSmithKline Royal Society Professor

Christopher Ashley

Emeritus Professor of Physiology

Victoria Bajo Lorenzana

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Esther Becker

Associate Professor of Neurobiology

Keith Buckler

Associate Professor of Physiology

Simon Butt

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

James Cantley

RD Lawrence Fellow

Carolyn Carr

Associate Professor of Biomedical Science

Kieran Clarke

Professor of Physiological Biochemistry

Thomas Cosker

Director of Anatomy

Stephanie Cragg

Professor of Neuroscience

Kay Davies

Dr Lee's Professor of Anatomy

Sarah De Val

BHF Senior Fellow

Heidi de Wet

Associate Professor of Physiology

Ana Domingos

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Keith Dorrington

Associate Professor of Physiology

Clive Ellory

Emeritus Professor of Human Physiology

Maike Glitsch

Associate Professor of Biomedical Science

Deborah Goberdhan

Associate Professor of Cell Signalling

Stephen Goodwin

Professor of Neurogenetics

Lisa Heather

BHF Intermediate Fellow and University Research Lecturer

Korneel Hens

Group Leader

Neil Herring

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology and Consultant Cardiologist

Andrew King

Director, Centre for Integrative Neuroscience

Michael Kohl

Early Career Research Fellow, University Research Lecturer

Kristine Krug

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Samira Lakhal-Littleton

Associate Professor of Physiology & BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research ...

Yu-Ling Ma

Group Leader

Ed Mann

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Gero Miesenboeck

Director, Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour

Zoltan Molnar

Professor of Developmental Neurobiology

Mathilda Mommersteeg

Associate Professor of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine

John Morris

Emeritus Professor of Human Anatomy

Denis Noble

Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology

Peter Oliver

Associate Professor of Neuroscience

Adam Packer

Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow

Anant Parekh

Director, Centre for Integrative Physiology

Andrew Parker

Professor of Neuroscience

Paul Riley

BHF Professor of Regenerative Medicine & Chair of Development and Cell Biology

Peter Robbins

Professor of Physiology

Nicola Smart

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Development and Regeneration

Duncan Sparrow

BHF Senior Basic Science Research Fellow

Shankar Srinivas

Professor of Developmental Biology

John Stein

Emeritus Professor of Physiology

Pawel Swietach

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology

Francis Szele

Associate Professor of Developmental Biology

Jeremy Taylor

Associate Professor of Human Anatomy

Damian Tyler

Professor of Biomedical Science

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