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Anti Racism Working Group Logo
Image of a poster created to outline diversity makes science better.  Engagement: When inclusivity is made a priority in the workplace, people feel more comfortable to engage.
Decision-making:  People with diverse backgrounds have unique experiences and perspectives, and because of this, they approach problems differently and ask different questions, leading to better decision-making.
Communication: Many global health issues disproportionately affect underrepresented communities. A focus on diversity in research groups can ensure that people feel represented and have a voice. Diverse groups are also more likely to design unbiased solutions and can more effectively recruit and engage broad public audiences.
Innovation & creativity: Diverse groups develop more innovative solutions, increasing the likelihood of scientific success and promoting competitiveness,
Image showing six text boxes considering inequalities in healthcare, education, finance, housing, justice and funding with examples for each.
Black women 5x & Asian women 2x more likely to die as a result of complications in pregnancy than white women.
Black babies over twice as likely to be stillborn than White babies.
6% Black school leavers attended a Russell group university (12% Mixed & Asian, 11% White).
58% Black UK-domiciled qualifiers received a 1st or 2:1 (81% White, 70% Asian, 77% Mixed.
Black workers with degrees earn on average 23% less than White workers.
36% of those from Ethnic Minorities live in poverty compared to 17% White people.
31% Pakistani or Bangladeshi people live in overcrowded accommodation (27% Black & 8% White)
Homelessness reduced by 12% for White households & increased by 4% for Black, 3% for Asian & 2% for Mixed (2006-2018).
3x higher rates of prosecution & sentencing for Black people than for White people.
Black people 9x more likely to be stopped and searched than White people.
1.2% of PhD funded studentships awarded to Black or Black Mixed students (UKRI 2019).
UK based BAME researchers underrepresented in grant awards (83.9% White, 6.4% Asian, 4% Mixed, 0% Black (Wellcome 2020).
This is an image of a physical poster created by DPAG's Anti-Racism Working Group and displayed on-site to link to this webpage.  It reminds people of the actions they can take to address institutional racism, as outlined on this webpage.
Image of an Anti-Racism poster created by the Anti-Racism Working Group containing prompts to support becoming anti-racist, from the fear zone, through the learning zone to the growth zone.