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This group was convened in January 2021 to promote active anti-racism in DPAG and improve the diversity of staff and students. Group members are volunteers with an interest in promoting race equality. This page will be regularly updated with a specific topic to help raise awareness of key issues around anti-racism and race equality. If you are committed to active anti-racism and would like to join the Anti-Racism Working Group, please email

Anti-Racism Resources October 2022: Diversity in a Meritocracy

We have already learned why diversity is important for performance and innovation. Here we explore how a focus on potential, rather than status, and an acknowledgement of privilege and bias, can support a meritocracy and lead to inclusive practices.

Anti-Racism Resources May 2022: Diversity Makes Better Science

Learn more about the benefits of diverse teams and how to improve diversity in the workplace.

Anti-Racism Resources January 2022: Institutional Racism

Here we consider the multiple impacts of institutional racism on people throughout their lives, and offer some suggestions for what we can each do to address this.

Anti-Racism Resources October 2021: What is Anti-Racism?

Anti-racism is the work of actively opposing racism by advocating for changes that promote racial equity in society. Here we consider what we can each do to become anti-racist.