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Neural coding and plasticity in the auditory system

King group
Distribution of pitch, timbre, and location sensitivity across ferret auditory cortex measured using artificial vowel stimuli. Each panel maps the sensitivity to a different parameter. The amplitude spectrum of the vowel sounds are overlaid, with each column representing a different vowel, and each row representing a different pitch.

Neural Coding and Plasticity in the Auditory System

We use a multidisciplinary approach encompassing anatomical, electrophysiological, imaging, behavioural and computational techniques to study the neural basis for auditory perception. We are investigating the cortical areas that are activated during auditory location, pitch or timbre discrimination tasks, the behavioural consequences of inactivating those areas or removing their projections, and the manner in which the tuning properties of their neurons evolve as behavioural performance improves in different perceptual learning tasks.

By carrying out a ‘neurometric’ analysis of the responses of the recorded neurons and comparing this with ‘psychometric’ data obtained from the behavioural measurements, we hope to be able to specify the physiological changes that are responsible for (and not just correlated with) behavioural performance. These experiments will contribute to our understanding of how biologically important information is represented, coded and stored within the cortex, and will shed light on the current controversy concerning the extent to which different attributes of sound are processed within different cortical areas.

We are also investigating the locus and nature of the physiological changes that take place during training-induced adaptation to altered auditory inputs and stimulus-timing-dependent plasticity. Having identified the neural networks that are reorganised in response to sensory experience and behavioural training, we hope to establish the rules that govern cortical plasticity and the cellular mechanisms responsible. In particular, we are examining the role of multisensory experience and of the neuromodulatory inputs from the basal forebrain in mediating auditory cortical plasticity, as well as continuing our in vitro studies of visual-auditory integration in the developing midbrain.

Our perceptual learning paradigms are also being used to investigate the mechanisms underlying the capacity of the brain to recover basic functions that have been compromised as a result of peripheral impairments. Our aim is therefore not only to improve our understanding of the plasticity of the brain, with its wider implications for the neurobiology of learning and memory, but also to use this information practically to stimulate new developments that will help to alleviate deficits in central auditory processing.

Our team

  • Andrew King
    Andrew King

    Professor of Neurophysiology

  • Johannes Dahmen
    Johannes Dahmen

    Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist

  • Mariangela Panniello
    Mariangela Panniello

    Postdoctoral Research Scientist

  • Vani Rajendran

    Postgraduate Student

  • Ben Willmore
    Ben Willmore

    Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist

  • Yves Weissenberger

    Postgraduate Student

  • James Cooke

    Postgraduate Student

  • Amy Hammond-Kenny

    Postgraduate Student

  • Yosef Singer

    DPhil Student

  • Sundeep Teki
    Sundeep Teki

    Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellow

  • Sebastian A. Vasquez Lopez

    Postgraduate Student

  • Samuel Picard
    Samuel Picard

    Postgraduate Student

  • Daniel Kumpik

    Research Scientist

  • Michael Lohse
    Michael Lohse

    Postgraduate Student

  • Alberto Lazari

    Postgraduate Student

  • Fernando Nodal
    Fernando Nodal

    Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist

  • Aleksandar Ivanov
    Aleksandar Ivanov

    Postgraduate Student

  • Monzilur Rahman
    Monzilur Rahman

    Postgraduate Student

Selected publications

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