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OXION is a research and training programme that embraces all aspects of ion channels from the gene, through protein, cell, systems and organism to behaviour, and from basic research to the clinic.

Main aims

  1. To facilitate innovative research programmes that build on an established centre of excellence in integrative ion channel research
  2. To train talented young scientists in a range of multidisciplinary skills in integrative physiology, including in vivo physiology
  3. To further strengthen the links between basic science and the clinic

key scientific objectives

  • Understanding the relationship between ion channel structure and function
  • Investigating mechanisms involved in targeting and anchoring ion channels at the plasma membrane, especially at the synapse
  • Defining the roles of different types of ion channels in generating specific patterns of electrical activity and controlling secretion in neuronal and endocrine cells
  • Elucidating the role of ion channels in brain, nerve, muscle and endocrine disorders
  • Addressing the role of ion channels in behaviour
  • Integrating this information to provide a comprehensive picture of ion channel function, from molecule to malady