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DPAG Respectful Behaviours Framework

Our DPAG behaviours framework was defined by a representative group of staff and students from across DPAG. It has the full support of DPAG’s Head of Department and Head of Administration and Finance who strongly encourage all staff and students to adhere to the core principles outlined below whilst working and studying in DPAG. This is not an exhaustive or restrictive list of acceptable behaviours, rather a framework establishing the expected spirit by which we treat and respect each other.

The framework aims to ensure that individuals are accountable for their own behaviours, whilst encouraging the creation of healthy working relationships across the department. This will help to foster an environment where people are treated fairly, and feel recognised and valued for their contributions and ideas. It will help us all to engage in open and respectful communication, and address conflict constructively.

If you feel that you are being treated disrespectfully, please reach out to the HR Team, Head of Administration & Finance, EDI Officer, or a Harassment Adviser. You can also share feedback, anonymously if preferred, using the DPAG feedback form

Read the Respectful Behaviours Framework in full