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Developmental Dynamics are pleased to announce a call for papers for a Special Issue to be published in late 2023. The issue will be guest-edited by Dr Ben Hogan and Associate Professor Mathilda Mommersteeg.

Mechanistic studies of cardinal events of cardiovascular development, such as, angiogenesis, vasculogenesis, lymphogenesis, and cardiac development, are welcomed, as are studies providing insight into developmental disease, tissue repair and regeneration, and evolution.

Developmental Dynamics will consider all types of original articles, including Research Articles, Disease Connections, Patterns & Phenotypes, Techniques, Reviews, and Critical Commentaries. 

For this Special Issue, several Reviews and Critical Commentaries are being invited from leaders in the field. To avoid overlap with these, and to ensure appropriate content, please send ideas you have for these types of articles (prior to preparation and submission) to the Special Projects Editor (Gary C. Schoenwolf) at:

Developmental Dynamics publishes mechanistic papers of central importance to the developmental biology/evolution community. For inclusion in the special issue, papers should be submitted by July 15 2022, to allow adequate time for standard peer review and revision. Papers accepted for the Special Issue are immediately free access, allowing your work to be widely read throughout the scientific community. There are no page or illustration charges.


Submit manuscripts online


Author Guidelines can be found under the “Contribute” button on the left side of the Developmental Dynamics home page.

If you have questions about whether your work fits the scope of this issue, please contact