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OXION Group Leaders

Radu Aricescu Structural studies of trans-synaptic protein complexes
Frances Ashcroft ATP-sensitive potassium channels, insulin secretion and diabetes
David Bannerman Behavioural studies of learning and memory
David Beeson Congenital myasthenic syndromes
Phil Biggin Development and application of computational methods including docking and molecular dynamics simulations to receptor proteins such as the ligand-gated ion channels
Steve Brown The molecular genetics of deafness
Kieran Clarke Metabolic regulation of the heart
Roger Cox Mouse models of diabetes
Kay Davies Molecular analysis of neuromuscular and neurological disorders
Jonathan Flint The genetic basis of psychiatric disorders
Maike Glitsch Signalling in the brain in health and disease
Michael Hanna Ion Channel diseases due to human gene mutations
Paul Harrison Molecular and translational neurobiology of psychosis (schizophrenia and bipolar disorder)
Dimitri Kullmann Synaptic transmission, inherited and acquired disorders of ion channel function in neurological diseases, and the computational properties of simple neuronal circuits
Bethan Lang Autoimmune disorders of the peripheral, autonimic and central nervous system
Ed Mann Cellular mechanisms underlying cortical network oscillations and plasticity
Gero Miesenbock Controlling ion channels and behaviour with light
Anant Parekh Calcium channels and cell function in health and disease
David Paterson

Autonomic regulation of the heart

Ole Paulsen (Associate Member)

Ion channels, network oscillations and synaptic plasticity

Nick Rawlins Ion channels and behaviour
Patrik Rorsman Exocytosis, Ion channels and type 2 diabetes
John Ryan
David Sattelle (Associate Member) Diversity and function of nicotinic acetylcholine receptors
Mark Sansom Ion channels - simulations, modelling & bioinformatics
Paolo Tammaro Ion channels in the control of the vascular tone
Ian D Thompson (Associate Member)
Stephen Tucker Structural and Functional studies of K+ ion channels
Nigel Unwin Structural studies of acetylcholine receptor channels
Catherine Vénien-Bryan Structural studies of inwardly rectifying potassium channels
Angela Vincent Autoimmune channelopathies