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An anti-obesity immunotherapy?

Journal article

O'Brien CJO. and Domingos A., (2021), Science, 373, 24 - 25

All-optical interrogation of neural circuits in behaving mice

Journal article

Russell LE. et al, (2021)

Dissection-independent production of Plasmodium sporozoites from whole mosquitoes.

Journal article

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Miro1-dependent mitochondrial dynamics in parvalbumin Interneurons

Journal article

Kontou G. et al, (2021), eLife, 10

Subcortical Circuits Mediate Communication Between Primary Sensory Cortical Areas in Mice

Journal article

KING A. et al, (2021), Nature Communications

Maternal iron deficiency perturbs embryonic cardiovascular development in mice.

Journal article

Kalisch-Smith JI. et al, (2021), Nat Commun, 12

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