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Tau depletion in human neurons mitigates Aβ-driven toxicity.

Journal article

Ng B. et al, (2024), Mol Psychiatry

Iron deficiency and supplementation in heart failure

Journal article

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Magnetically driven formation of 3D freestanding soft bioscaffolds.

Journal article

Xie R. et al, (2024), Sci Adv, 10

Low Serum Ferritin Might Predict Incident Heart Failure

Journal article

Cleland JGF. et al, (2024), JACC: Heart Failure

Waveform-based classification of dentate spikes

Journal article

Santiago RMM. et al, (2024), Scientic Reports

Somnotate: A probabilistic sleep stage classifier for studying vigilance state transitions.

Journal article

Brodersen PJN. et al, (2024), PLoS Comput Biol, 20

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