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Effects of clozapine-N-oxide and compound 21 on sleep in laboratory mice.

Conference paper

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Impaired dopamine release in Parkinson’s disease

Journal article

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Accessory ESCRT-III proteins are conserved and selective regulators of Rab11a-exosome formation.

Journal article

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Insights into the Role of a Cardiomyopathy-Causing Genetic Variant in ACTN2

Journal article

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Transcription Factors Regulating Vasculogenesis and Angiogenesis.

Journal article

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Regulation of cardiac function by cAMP nanodomains.

Journal article

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Regulation of immunological tolerance by the p53-inhibitor iASPP.

Journal article

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Thymosin β4 preserves vascular smooth muscle phenotype in atherosclerosis via regulation of low density lipoprotein related protein 1 (LRP1)

Journal article

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Multi-level interaction between HIF and AHR transcriptional pathways in kidney carcinoma

Journal article

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The geometry of cortical representations of touch in rodents.

Journal article

Nogueira R. et al, (2023), Nat Neurosci

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