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Mouse visual cortex: receptive fields from boutons of two thalamic nuclei

Roth, Dahmen, Muir, Imhof, Martini, Hofer (2016)

Johannes Dahmen

DPhil, MSc, Dipl, BSc

Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist

Auditory and Visual Neuroscience

I obtained undergraduate degrees from the University of London, Goldsmiths College (BSc) and the University of Düsseldorf (Diplom) and an MSc and DPhil (Supervisor: Andy King) from the University of Oxford. As a Postdoc I worked with Sonja Hofer at University College London before returning to Oxford and the Auditory Neuroscience Group.

Using psychophysical, anatomical, genetic and imaging tools I hope to improve our understanding of the mouse visual and auditory system and the computations going on within these circuits as animals perceive and engage with their sensory environment. Currently, I spend most of my time working on thalmocortical circuits and the corticocollicular pathway.  

Thalamic axons in mouse auditory cortex

Vasquez-Lopez, Weissenberger, Keating, King, Dahmen

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Key Publications


Recent Publications

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Neurons in mouse inferior colliculus colour coded for frequency preference

Barnstedt, Keating, Weissenberger, King, Dahmen (2015)