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Postdocs sat in a lecture theatre watching the talksThis day brought together Postdoctoral Research Scientists and Research Assistants from DPAG and the Department of Biochemistry for a day of talks on career options within and beyond academia, and current topics in research and publishing.

The morning session tackled careers in academia, with speakers from the University of Reading, Micron, and Oxford's Chemistry Department, Ludwig Institute and DPAG's Associate Professor Samira Lakhal-Littleton.

The late morning session looked at the future of academia for Postdocs, which included speakers from RisingWISE, Enterprising Oxford, OpenAccessOxford and MRC-UKRI.

After a networking workshop in the early afternoon, the late afternoon session shed light on careers beyond academia, with speakers including a data scientist from Deliveroo, and representatives from a Patent Law company, Oxford Nanoimaging and Oxstem. 

View the full programme for the day.

Image Gallery

opening slide showing the Biochemistry and DPAG postdoc committeesSlide welcomes audience to the first interdepartmental retreat as an important part of personal and career development where there will be opportunities to learn about careers outside academia and networkingSlide reads 'The Future of Academia for Postdocs'Slide reads 'The future of academia is not just academia!'Postdocs shown networking after the talks

Postdocs shown networking after the talks


Co-organised with the Biochemistry Postdoctoral Society, taking place at St Anne’s College on 18 October 2019

Postdocs from DPAG, Biochemistry and the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology gathered at the Biochemistry Building for an interdepartmental poster session where they had the opportunity to disseminate their research whilst also learning about the research from a wide range of colleagues.

We also congratulate our two runner up winners from DPAG, Nikita Ved (Sparrow Group) with "Investigating the perturbation of neural crest cells in diabetic embryopathy" and Jakub Tomek (Herring Group) with "Development, calibration and validation of a novel computational human ventricular cardiomyocyte model in healthy, diseased, and drug block conditions."

View the full programme for the day.

Image Gallery

Runner up winners: Nikita ved and jakub tomek

Nikita Ved stands in front of poster entitled "Investigating Neural Crest Cell Perturbation in Diabetic embryopathy"Jakub Tomek standing in front of his poster entitled "An Anti-Arrhythmic Potential of Infarct Border Zone Sympathetic Innervation"

dpag postdoc rep stefania monterisi

Stefania Monterisi shows a researcher her poster entitled "Screening colorectal cancer cell lines for connexin-dependent cell to cell diffusive coupling"

many researchers and academics gathered to view the posters 

Postdocs Elisabetta Gamen, Vignesh Murugesan and Johanna Michl shown mingling together.A postdoc explains her poster to a fellow researcher with others doing the same in the background.Samira Lakhal-Littleton examines a postdoc's posterSusann Bruche shown in front of her poster with others mingling around her.Jakub Tomek is shown talking to a fellow researcher next to his poster.Attendees help themselves to coffee at the poster session.

Co-organised with Biochemistry and Sir William Dunn School of Pathology, 16 May 2019

DPAG post docs gathered at Wolfson College for the annual Away Day to discuss the Department's exciting research. The programme included alternative career talks from two external speakers. The event was also a fantastic occasion for networking during the drinks reception and dinner after the main event.         

Image Gallery

Introduction by postdoc rep stefania monterisi

Stefania Monterisi in front of slide reading 'DPAG Postdoctoral Research Day' addressing attendees

Head of Department, Professor David Paterson, welcomes new postdocs to DPAG

Aerial view of David Paterson addressing the lecture theatre full of postdocs

New academic lead, Associate Professor Sarah De Val, introduces the Athena SWAN charter

Sarah De Val in front of slide reading 'Athena SWAN in DPAG' showing images of Sarah De Val (Academic Lead) and Louise Cotterell (Athena SWAN Co-ordinator)

 postdoc speakers discuss their research

 Corinne Betts, Matthew Wood Lab, "Dystrophin regulates peripheral circadian SRF Signalling"

Corinne Betts in front of a slide showing the title of her research project

Noemi Picco, Molnar group, "Modelling Transient Traits of Cortex Evolution: the Importance of Evolving Cell Division Strategies"

Noemi pointing at her slide showing the title of her research project and images of her collaborators Zoltan Molnar, Thomas Woolley, Philip Maini and Fernando Garcia-Moreno

 Suzan Hammond,  Matthew Wood Lab, "Targetting the Muscle and CNS with Antisense Oligonucleotides"

Suzan walks in front of her slide showing a list of collaborators, audience members shown making notes

Vincent Croset, CNCB, "Single-cell transcriptomics in the Drosophila midbrain: linking molecules to Neuronal function"

 Vincent is shown in front of a slide showing his research project title while an audience member takes a photo

Anna Diaz-Font, Senior Research Funding Manager, gives alternative career talk

Anna Diaz-Font, World Cancer Research Fund International: "Working in the third sector: Research Management"

 Anna indicates towards a slide showing the title of her research project

Drinks reception following the talks

Several postdocs are shown minglingSeveral postdocs are shown mingling with Suzan Hammond shown prominently in foreground

Wolfson College, 9 November 2018

Image Gallery

Postdoc rep Stefania Monterisi in the foreground with several postdocs sat at the long dinner table behind herView of a second group of postdocs sat at the other table.

Postdoc rep Stefania Monterisi, Susann Bruche and Mark Richards shown at the table.General view of postdocs chatting at the dinner table

Hertford College, 24 July 2018