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Mathilda Mommersteeg

Associate Professor of Developmental and Regenerative Medicine

I obtained my PhD in 2009 from the University of Amsterdam, where I worked in the laboratories of Prof. Vincent Christoffels and Prof. Antoon Moorman on the development of the conduction system and venous pole of the mammalian heart. In 2010, I joined the laboratory of Prof. John Parnavelas at University College London (UCL) as a long-term EMBO fellow. At UCL, my work focused on deciphering the roles of the Slit-Robo signalling pathway during mammalian heart development. While at UCL, I set up a project researching heart regeneration in Mexican cavefish together with dr. Yoshiyuki Yamamoto, which was sponsored by the British Heart Foundation in 2012. Both my post-doctoral projects form the basis for my current research interests in investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying heart regeneration and development.