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Spotlight on shared parental leave for universal childrens day 2019

Shared Parental Leave Spotlight for Universal Children's Day

Athena SWAN General

Oxford University's Shared Parental Leave (SPL) scheme enables parents to share a period of leave and pay following the birth or adoption of their child. Several departmental members who have used the scheme report valuable increased bonding with their children.

Copy_of_in remembrance of distinguished former oxford physiology students who were awarded the victoria cross for their actions in the first world war

In Remembrance of distinguished former Oxford Physiology students who were awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions in the First World War

General Head of Department's News

On Remembrance Day 2019, 101 years on from the ending of the First World War, we remember two of our former students who were awarded the highest and most prestigious award of the British honours system.

Winners of the dpag student poster day 2019 announced

Winners of the DPAG Student Poster Day 2019 announced

Athena SWAN Students

"A Year of Progress" was held in the Sherrington Library on Wednesday 6 November 2019.

Cristina blanco duque is a csf 2019 award winner

Cristina Blanco Duque is a CSF 2019 Award Winner

Athena SWAN Students Vyazovskiy Group News

Congratulations are in order for Wellcome Trust doctoral student Cristina Blanco Duque, the winner of the Travel Award and the Award for Best Contribution at the International Conference of Advanced Sleep Modulation Technologies.

Caution when looking at cell recycling in parkinsons

Caution when looking at cell recycling in Parkinson’s

Cragg Group News Publication Research Wade-Martins Group News

Our Researchers at the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre have shown that cell recycling in Parkinson’s may play a more complex role than previously thought.

Research spotlight 2018i want to get high enough up the chain to pull others over the wall with me2019

Research Spotlight: ‘I want to get high enough up the chain to pull others over the wall with me’

Athena SWAN Wade-Martins Group News

Continuing their series celebrating ‘amazing people at Oxford who you should know about’, Central University's Science Blog talks to Dayne Beccano-Kelly, an electrophysiologist and Career Development Fellow in our department and part of the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre.

Professor dame pamela shaw delivers the gl brown prize lecture 2019

Professor Dame Pamela Shaw delivers the GL Brown Prize Lecture 2019

Athena SWAN Head of Department's News

The GL Brown Prize Lecture series from The Physiological Society is aimed at an early career audience to stimulate an interest in physiology.

Cortex club committee

New Cortex Club Committee

Athena SWAN Students

Two DPAG graduate students, Raffaele Sarnataro (Co-President) and Maria Claudia Caiazza (Social Secretary) are elected members of the committee.

Nih oxcam a graduate students journey to oxford

NIH-OxCam: a graduate student's journey to Oxford

Athena SWAN Outreach Students Wade-Martins Group News

Stewart Humble came to the Wade-Martins Lab at DPAG from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center in New Orleans during Michaelmas Term in October 2016 as part of the National Institutes of Health Oxford-Cambridge Scholars Programme (NIH-OxCam), an accelerated, individualised doctoral training programme, to help him make the transition to a Physician-Scientist career path. This opened up the world of basic science, translational research, and international collaboration. Over the summer of 2019, Stewart organised a lab symposium to encourage and inspire students from his home university to consider the opportunities available to them. This is the story of his journey to Oxford and what he has discovered here.

Research spotlight for black history month pavandeep rai

Research Spotlight for Black History Month: Pavandeep Rai

Athena SWAN Postdoctoral Wade-Martins Group News

October is Black History Month, which is celebrated nationwide every year to recognise the contributions that people from BAME backgrounds have made to this country. Here at DPAG, we get to know one of our Researchers - Pavandeep Rai, a Postdoctoral Research Scientist working in the Wade-Martins Group. Pavandeep is working at the forefront of an industry/academia collaborative project aimed at developing potential new drugs to treat Parkinson’s.

Zoltan molnar is an elected member of academia europaea

Zoltán Molnár is an Elected Member of Academia Europaea


Membership of the Academia Europaea is an award conferred to individuals that have demonstrated "sustained academic excellence".

Dpag engage the public at if oxford 2019

DPAG researchers engage the public at IF Oxford 2019

Mommersteeg Group News Outreach Postdoctoral

A team of volunteers from four research groups, alongside Wellcome Trust funded Advanced Imaging Unit Micron, engaged more than 200 visitors at Weston Library on Friday 18 October 2019 as part of The Oxford Science and Ideas Festival.

Probing the genetics of advanced prostate cancer in fruit flies

Probing the genetics of advanced prostate cancer in fruit flies

Goberdhan Group News Publication Research

A new collaborative study involving DPAG's Wilson and Goberdhan Groups and the Nuffield Department of Surgical Sciences (NDS) has revealed surprising parallels between ‘prostate’ cells in flies and cancer patients.

Manuela zaccolo honoured by the royal society of biology

Manuela Zaccolo honoured by the Royal Society of Biology

Athena SWAN Cardiac Theme General

Congratulations are in order to Professor Manuela Zaccolo on being elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology.

Dpag researchers participate at the parliamentary launch of the physiological societys new ageing report

DPAG Researchers participate at the Parliamentary launch of The Physiological Society's new ageing report

Athena SWAN Postdoctoral Research Vyazovskiy Group News

The new Physiological Society report "Growing Older, Better" highlights physiology's role in meeting the UK Government's healthy ageing mission. Associate Professor Vladyslav Vyazovskiy and Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Fellow Laura McKillop contributed a research spotlight at the report's launch at the Houses of Parliament.

Dpag members shine at the oxford bhf cre annual symposium 2019

DPAG members shine at the Oxford BHF CRE Annual Symposium 2019

Athena SWAN Cardiac Theme Heather Group News Postdoctoral Students

Congratulations are in order to Matthew Kerr, Andia Redpath, Susann Bruche, KC Park and Minahil Mujahid for their achievements at this major showcase for Oxford's British Heart Foundation funded Researchers.

Professor christine mummery gives the 2019 john burdon sanderson lecture

Professor Christine Mummery gives the 2019 John Burdon Sanderson Lecture

Athena SWAN General Head of Department's News

The annual lecture given this year by a world leading stem cell scientist is held in honour of John Burdon Sanderson, the University of Oxford's first Waynflete Professor of Physiology, after whom the Cardiac Centre is named.

Damian tyler is an honorary skou professor at the university of aarhus

Damian Tyler is an Honorary Skou Professor at the University of Aarhus

Cardiac Theme General

The award recognises and solidifies Professor Tyler's collaborative work with the MR Research Centre, part of the Department of Clinical Medicine at the University of Aarhus.

Physiology friday a spotlight on physiological society membership

Physiology Friday: a spotlight on Physiological Society membership

General Head of Department's News Postdoctoral Research Students

Find out more about our Physiological Society funded Head of Department Seminar Series, the opportunities available to those who join the Society, and DPAG's own Dr Mark Richards’ experiences as a Physiological Society member.

Dpag womens dinner 2019

DPAG Women's Dinner 2019

Athena SWAN Postdoctoral

In conjunction with the Athena SWAN initiative and organised by Professor Kieran Clarke, a dinner was held on Monday 30 September at Merton College for female researchers.

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