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New insights into how the brain makes sense of our constantly changing soundscape

Publication Research

We experience a wide range of sounds at varying levels. The brain's auditory neurons constantly adapt their responses to changes in sound level to help us perceive and understand what we hear. King Group researchers have previously demonstrated how these neurons do this and have now produced new evidence for exactly where this happens in the brain and the perceptual consequences of these adaptations.

Malnutrition linked with increased risk of Zika birth defects

Publication Research

The severity of Zika virus-related deformations in babies has been shown to be affected by environmental factors such as maternal nutrition. The study was partially funded by a joint MRC Grant between DPAG's Professor Zoltán Molnár and Associate Professor Patricia Garcez of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro.

Understanding the mechanisms driving a major type of immune cell to keep our gut healthy

Athena SWAN Postdoctoral Publication Research

A news and views article review published in Nature Immunology by Domingos Group researchers examines significant recent research revealing how group 3 innate lymphoid cells (ILC3s), the cells responsible for protecting the gut and maintaining intestinal homeostasis, are regulated. In doing so, they also reveal important new research avenues of ILCs activation in the body.

New target identified to help prevent dangerous heart rhythms after heart attack

Cardiac Theme Publication Research

For many years, we have been using beta-blockers to neutralise a specific stress hormone and prevent dangerous heart rhythms following a heart attack. However, a new study led by Associate Professor Neil Herring and published in the European Heart Journal has uncovered evidence for an additional stress hormone acting as a key trigger for dangerous heart rhythms that is not currently targeted by these drugs.

Biomarker predicts which patients with heart failure have a higher risk of dying

Cardiac Theme Publication Research

UCLA Researchers in collaboration with DPAG researchers from the Paterson and Herring Groups have identified a biomarker for increased risk of early mortality in patients with heart failure. Associate Professor Neil Herring is senior author.

Prof Robin Klemm is joining DPAG this summer

Head of Department's News Research

Prof Robin Klemm will be joining our department in June 2020 as the Associate Professor of Physiological Metabolism. Research in the Klemm lab focuses primarily on understanding the molecular cell biology of professional fat storing cells called white adipocytes.

Heidi de Wet answers the Big Question: Why do diets fail?

Athena SWAN Outreach Research

It's a new year (and a new decade!) and many of us will be looking to turn over a new leaf when it comes to diet and lifestyle. But - as anyone who's tried one will know - diets are very difficult to stick to. In a new episode of the Big Questions podcast, Associate Professor Heidi de Wet answers "Why do diets fail?". She also provides some great tips for a healthier lifestyle along the way!

How the brain learns from making difficult decisions

Publication Research

A new study led by Dr Armin Lak suggests that we learn best when we make decisions outside of our comfort zone, and sheds light on how the brain might achieve this.

Neuroimmunometabolism identified as a new field of research

Athena SWAN Publication Research

A new review from the Domingos Lab, authored by Chelsea Larabee, Oliver Neeley and Ana Domingos, examines the intersection between neuroimmunology and immunometabolism, and in doing so reveals the existence of an exciting new area of study.

Leptin is the missing piece in the immunometabolism puzzle

Athena SWAN Publication Research

Associate Professor Ana Domingos reviews the identification of the hormone leptin and explores its significance in the function of immune cells in obesity.

Oxford named best for medicine for ninth consecutive year

General Head of Department's News

Oxford University has been ranked as the world's best institution for medical and health teaching and research for the ninth consecutive year in the latest Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

Watch J.S. Haldane Lecture: A hundred years on: 21st Century Insights into Human Oxygen Homeostasis

General Head of Department's News

Event video for the inaugural John Scott Haldane Lecture 2019, delivered by Professor Sir Peter J Ratcliffe FRS on Thursday 21 November 2019 in the Sherrington Large Lecture Theatre.

Nobel Laureate Sir Peter Ratcliffe FRS delivers inaugural Haldane Lecture

General Head of Department's News

The new series is held in honour of British Physiologist John Scott Haldane, known as the father of oxygen therapy.

Shared Parental Leave Spotlight for Universal Children's Day

Athena SWAN General

Oxford University's Shared Parental Leave (SPL) scheme enables parents to share a period of leave and pay following the birth or adoption of their child. Several departmental members who have used the scheme report valuable increased bonding with their children.

In Remembrance of distinguished former Oxford Physiology students who were awarded the Victoria Cross for their actions in the First World War

General Head of Department's News

On Remembrance Day 2019, 101 years on from the ending of the First World War, we remember two of our former students who were awarded the highest and most prestigious award of the British honours system.

Winners of the DPAG Student Poster Day 2019 announced

Athena SWAN Students

"A Year of Progress" was held in the Sherrington Library on Wednesday 6 November 2019.

Cristina Blanco Duque is a CSF 2019 Award Winner

Athena SWAN Students Vyazovskiy Group News

Congratulations are in order for Wellcome Trust doctoral student Cristina Blanco Duque, the winner of the Travel Award and the Award for Best Contribution at the International Conference of Advanced Sleep Modulation Technologies.

Caution when looking at cell recycling in Parkinson’s

Cragg Group News Publication Research Wade-Martins Group News

Our Researchers at the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre have shown that cell recycling in Parkinson’s may play a more complex role than previously thought.

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