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Defining Excellence: Oxford Anatomy and Physiology ranked number 1 in the QS world rankings by subject 2017, 2018, 2020

Medicine has been taught at the University of Oxford for at least eight centuries, producing a succession of famous figures and landmarks in research and learning. Whilst the Department in its current form is only just over a decade old, physiology and anatomy have played an important role in the history of medicine at Oxford since the beginning. 

Explore the links below to learn more about the history of physiology, anatomy and genetics at the University of Oxford.



Discover more about the key events in the history of the Department.

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Oxford Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Through the Centuries

Explore in greater detail the history of physiology, anatomy and genetics at Oxford.

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Women in Physiology

Learn about the inspiring women who have worked and studied in physiology at the University of Oxford.

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Physiology front.jpg

 75 years of the physiology lab

To find out more about how the building, which houses the Department today, has changed over time since it was first build, view this Department-produced film here.



Further Resources and Credits

For more information on the history of medical sciences at Oxford.

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