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Group Leaders
Frances Ashcroft Frances Ashcroft Professor of Physiology
Christopher Ashley Christopher Ashley Emeritus Professor of Physiology
Esther Becker Esther Becker Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow & University Research Lecturer
Jo Begbie Jo Begbie University Lecturer in Developmental Biology
Colin BlakemoreColin Blakemore Emeritus Professor of Physiology
Martin Booth Martin Booth Senior Research Fellow
Gil Bub Gil Bub University Research Lecturer
Keith Buckler Keith Buckler University Lecturer in Physiology
Simon Butt Simon Butt University Lecturer in Neuroscience
James Cantley James Cantley Early Career Research Fellow
Carolyn Carr Carolyn Carr University Research Lecturer
Helen Christian Helen Christian University Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Kieran Clarke Kieran Clarke Professor of Physiological Biochemistry
Stephanie Cragg Stephanie Cragg University Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Kay Davies Kay Davies Dr Lee's Professor of Anatomy
Keith Dorrington Keith Dorrington University Lecturer in Physiology
Samir El Andaloussi Samir El Andaloussi Early Career Research Fellow
Clive Ellory Clive Ellory Emeritus Professor of Human Physiology
Rhys Evans Rhys Evans Reader in Anaesthetics
Fernando Garcia-Moreno Fernando Garcia-Moreno Human Frontier Science Program Fellow
Maike Glitsch Maike Glitsch University Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Deborah Goberdhan Deborah Goberdhan Departmental Lecturer
Stephen Goodwin Stephen Goodwin University Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Lisa Heather Lisa Heather Diabetes UK Research Fellow
Andreas Heger Andreas Heger CGAT Technical Director
Korneel Hens Korneel Hens Group Leader
Neil Herring Neil Herring University Research Lecturer
Alexander Jeans Alexander Jeans MRC Clinician Scientist Fellow
Andrew King Andrew King Professor of Neurophysiology
Michael Kohl Michael Kohl Early Career Research Fellow
Kristine Krug Kristine Krug Royal Society University Research Fellow
Samira Lakhal-Littleton Samira Lakhal-Littleton BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow
Konstantinos Lefkimmiatis Konstantinos Lefkimmiatis BHF Intermediate Basic Science Research Fellow
Jilong Liu Jilong Liu MRC Programme Leader
Ana Machado Rebelo Marques Ana Machado Rebelo Marques Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellow
Ed Mann Ed Mann University Lecturer in Neuroscience
Mary McMenamin Mary McMenamin Departmental Lecturer
Gero Miesenboeck Gero Miesenboeck Waynflete Professor of Physiology
Zoltan Molnar Zoltan Molnar Professor of Developmental Neurobiology and Deputy Head of Department
John Morris John Morris Emeritus Professor of Human Anatomy
Christoffer Nellaker Christoffer Nellaker Research Fellow
Denis Noble Denis Noble Emeritus Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology
Peter Oliver Peter Oliver MRC Senior Investigator Scientist & University Research Lecturer
Anant Parekh Anant Parekh Professor of Physiology and Deputy Head of Department
Andrew Parker Andrew Parker Professor of Physiology
David Paterson David Paterson Professor of Cardiovascular Physiology
Chris Ponting Chris Ponting Professor of Genomics
Paul Riley Paul Riley Professor of Development and Reproduction & BHF Professor of Regenerative Medicine
Peter Robbins Peter Robbins Professor of Physiology & Head of Department
Jan Schnupp Jan Schnupp Professor of Neuroscience
Nicola Smart Nicola Smart BHF Senior Basic Science Research Fellow
Shankar Srinivas Shankar Srinivas University Lecturer in Developmental Biology/Embryology
John Stein John Stein Emeritus Professor of Physiology
Pawel Swietach Pawel Swietach Royal Society University Research Fellow & University Lecturer in Cardiovascular Physiology
Francis Szele Francis Szele University Lecturer in Developmental Biology
Jeremy Taylor Jeremy Taylor University Lecturer in Human Anatomy
Sarah Threlfell Sarah Threlfell Postdoctoral Career Development Fellow
Damian Tyler Damian Tyler University Research Lecturer
Richard Vaughan-Jones Richard Vaughan-Jones Professor of Cellular Physiology
Tim Vogels Tim Vogels Sir Henry Dale Fellow
Scott Waddell Scott Waddell Professor of Neurobiology and Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Richard Wade-Martins Richard Wade-Martins University Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Kerry Walker Kerry Walker Early Career Research Fellow
Caleb Webber Caleb Webber MRC Programme Leader
Robert Wilkins Robert Wilkins University Lecturer in Epithelial Physiology
Clive Wilson Clive Wilson Reader in Molecular Genetics
Matthew Wood Matthew Wood Professor of Neuroscience
Manuela Zaccolo Manuela Zaccolo Professor of Cell Biology
Heidi de Wet Heidi de Wet University Lecturer in Physiology
Research Scientists
Istvan Adorjan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Avigail Agam Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Bashir Ahmed Senior Research Scientist
Prafulla Aryal Wellcome Trust Oxion Training Fellow
Tipu Aziz Visitor
Arran Babbs Research Assistant
Victoria Bajo Lorenzana Victoria Bajo Lorenzana University Research Lecturer
Vicky Ball Research Technician
Damien Barnette  
Andrew Bassett Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Philip Beeley Part-Time Postdoctoral Resesarch Assistant
Jessica Beevers Research Technician
Katsiaryna Belaya Wellcome Trust Oxion Training Fellow
Grant Belgard Grant Belgard Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Antonio Berlanga Taylor Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Emmanuelle Bitoun Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Mary Board Daphne Jackson Fellow
Richard BoydRichard Boyd Emeritus
Ruth Brain Senior Research Assistant
David Brawand Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Melissa Brereton Melissa Brereton Wellcome Trust Oxion Training Fellow
Katherine Brimblecombe Postgraduate Student
Daniel Burke Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Rebecca Burton Rebecca Burton Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Irina Bystron Senior Research Scientist
Tara Caffrey StemBANCC Career Development Fellow
Milena Cioroch Research Assistant
Michael Clark CJ Martin Biomedical Fellow
Paola Cognigni Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Oscar Cordero Llana Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Pete Cox Clinical Research Fellow
Vincent Croset Vincent Croset Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Kate Curtis Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Filipa Da Costa Simoes Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Johannes Dahmen Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Gaurav Das Gaurav Das Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Shamik Dasgupta Marie Curie Fellow
Clarice Davies Charity Administrator, Dyslexia Research Trust
Thierry Deltheil Thierry Deltheil Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Michael Dodd Michael Dodd Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Riccardo DoreRiccardo Dore Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Benjamin Edwards MRC Research Support Officer
Richard Exley Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Kariem Ezzat Ahmed Kariem Ezzat Ahmed Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Shih-Jung Fan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Ruth Faram Ruth Faram Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Katherine Fawcett Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Johannes Felsenberg Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Mattea Finelli Mattea Finelli Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Kerrie Ford Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Giuseppe Gallone Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Juris Galvanovskis Core Imaging Facility Worker
Carina Gandy Research Assistant
Carolina Garciarena Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Bernard Gesch Senior Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Caroline Godfrey Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Stuart Grice Research Assistant
Simon Guiraud Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Wilfried Haerty Wilfried Haerty Senior Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Martina Hallegger Martina Hallegger Postdoctoral Career Development Fellow
Nicol Harper Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Gareth Hazell Research Assistant
Anna Hoerder-Suabedissen Anna Hoerder-Suabedissen Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Wolf Huetteroth Wolf Huetteroth Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Alzbeta Hulikova Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Lydia Hulme MRC Career Development Fellow
Katie Jennings Katie Jennings Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Jethro Johnson Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Stuart Judge Emeritus
Pulak Kar Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Priti Kashyap Research Orthoptist
Peter Keating Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Lesheng Kong Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Taeyoung Koo Taeyoung Koo Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Andreas Koschinski Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Jana Koth Postdotoral Research Scientist
Donna Kovanich Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Mathilde Lafond Research Assistant
Tracy Lane Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Angus Lau Postdoctoral Researcher
Sheena Lee Core Facility Research Worker in Microarrays
Andrew Lewis Postgraduate Student
Dan Li Senior Research Associate
Jinghuan Li Jinghuan Li Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Yu-Ping Lin Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Andrew Lin Andrew Lin Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Suewei Lin Suewei Lin James Martin Research Fellow
Michele Lufino Michele Lufino Ataxia UK Fellow
Daniel Lyngholm Daniel Lyngholm Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Imre Mager Imre Mager Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Raquel Manzano Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Isabel Martinez Garay Isabel Martinez Garay Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Graham McClorey Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Myrte Merkestein Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Thomas Merritt Laboratory Manager/Research Assistant
Stefania Monterisi Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Juan Montiel Juan Montiel Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Michael Morgan MRC-CGAT Genomics Training Fellow
Bashayer Mubarak Bashayer Mubarak Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Rachel Mulvaney Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Sonali Munshaw Research Assistant
Charmaine Nelson Research Assistant
Megan Neville Megan Neville Senior Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Natalia Nikiforova Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Penny Noble Penny Noble Research Assistant
Tetsuya Nojima Tetsuya Nojima Research Assistant
Piers Nye Emeritus
David O'Neill Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Moshe Parnas Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Emmanuel Perisse Emmanuel Perisse Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Diogo Pimentel Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Anna Pitt Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Trevor Powell Emeritus Professor of Physiology
Peter Proks Senior Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Michael Puljung Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Carolina Rezaval Carolina Rezaval Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Hugo Ribeiro Fernandes Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Mark Richards Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Katie Richardson MRC Career Development Fellow
Oliver Rider Clinical Fellow
Thomas Roberts Research Assistant
Mala Rohling BHF Senior Research Technician
Brent Ryan Brent Ryan Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Gregor Sachse Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Krishna Samanta Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Luis Sanchez Pulido Senior Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Cynthia Sandor Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Stephen Sansom MRC-CGAT Genomics Training Fellow
Dyan Sellayah Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Nandini Shah Research Assistant
David Sims Lead Scientist
Tamara Sirey Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Mayte Siswick Research Assistant
Thomas Smith MRC-CGAT Genomics Training Fellow
Jackson Smith Jackson Smith Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Sarah Squire Research Assistant
Matthew Stower Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Ian Sudbery Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Nicoletta Surdo Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Yrsa Sverrisdottir NIHR Research Capability Funding Research Fellow
Clifford Talbot Staff Scientist/Instrumentation Engineer
Kazuyo Tasaki Kazuyo Tasaki Senior Research Assistant
Charlotte Tibbit Research Assistant
Simon Tuohy Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Philip Turner Philip Turner Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Louise Upton Senior Research Scientist
Pieter Vader Pieter Vader Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Keith Vance Senior Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Miguel Varela-Muino Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Natascia Vedovato Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Joaquim Vieira Joaquim Vieira Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Eleftheria Vrontou Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Mark Wainwright Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Wei-Zhi Wang Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Tomoko Watanabe Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Nina Wei Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Benjamin Willmore Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Magda Wolna Research Assistant
Yanying Wu Yanying Wu Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Yi-Chun Yeh Visiting Researcher
Omur Yilmaz-Tastan Research Assistant
Jing Yu Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Yanfeng Zhang Postdoctoral Research Scientist
Tirsa van Westering Research Assistant
Administrative and Support Staff
Tania Boyt Tania Boyt Head of Administration
Thorsten Hauler Thorsten Hauler Research Facilitator
Graduate Students
Osama Al Dalahmah Osama Al Dalahmah Postgraduate Student
Abeer Al-Shammari Postgraduate Student
Heba Al-Siddiqi Postgraduate Student
Abdullah Alswied Abdullah Alswied Postgraduate Student
Lucy Ambrose Postgraduate Student
Gauri Ang Postgraduate Student
Gabriel Aughey Postgraduate Student
Scott Badin Scott Badin Postgraduate Student
Melissa Bailey Melissa Bailey Postgraduate Student
Oliver Barnstedt Postgraduate Student
Nicole Bart Postgraduate Student
Julian Bartram Postgraduate Student
Helen Batchelor Postgraduate Student
Joel Beevers Joel Beevers Postgraduate Student
James Bennett Postgraduate Student
Corinne Betts Postgraduate Student
Marcella Brescia Postgraduate Student
Birgit Brueggemeier Birgit Brueggemeier Postgraduate Student
Arne Bruyneel Postgraduate Student
Alexei Bygrave Postgraduate Student
Vladislava Chalei Postgraduate Student
Hung-Yuan Cheng Postgraduate Student
Harry Clifford Postgraduate Student
Anna Coenen-Stass Postgraduate Student
James Cooke Postgraduate Student
Laura Corrigan Postgraduate Student
Nanyi Cui Postgraduate Student
David Ding Postgraduate Student
Andrew Douglas Andrew Douglas Postgraduate Student
Tobias Dovmark Postgraduate Student
Clara Ferreira Postgraduate Student
Sarah Finnegan Sarah Finnegan Postgraduate Student
Stephen Fleenor Stephen Fleenor Postgraduate Student
Heather Fox Postgraduate Student
Matthew Frise Postgraduate Student
Lucia Giles Postgraduate Student
Joshua Gold Postgraduate Student
Eleanor Grant Eleanor Grant Postgraduate Student
Lukas GroschnerLukas Groschner Postgraduate Student
Luiz Guidi Postgraduate Student
Amy Hammond-Kenny Postgraduate Student
Adam Handel Postgraduate Student
Evan Harrell Postgraduate Student
Sabrina Heman-Ackah Postgraduate Student
James Hillis James Hillis Postgraduate Student
Eleanor Hobbs Postgraduate Student
David Holdsworth Postgraduate Student
Natsumi Homma Postgraduate Student
Xiaoming Hu Postgraduate Student
Benjamin Hunn Benjamin Hunn Postgraduate Student
Nicky Huskens Nicky Huskens Postgraduate Student
Manish Kalla Postgraduate Student
Goudarz Karimi Postgraduate Student
Harriet Keane Harriet Keane Postgraduate Student
Alastair Kerr Alastair Kerr Postgraduate Student
Polina Kosillo Postgraduate Student
Benjamin Kroeger Postgraduate Student
Daniel Kumpik Postgraduate Student
Mang Ching Lai Mang Ching Lai Postgraduate Student
Antonia Langfelder Postgraduate Student
Imogen Large Imogen Large Postgraduate Student
Hege Larsen Hege Larsen Postgraduate Student
Lydia Le Page Postgraduate Student
Yi Lee Postgraduate Student
Aaron Leiblich Postgraduate Student
Karolis Leonavicius Postgraduate Student
Dragos Leordean Postgraduate Student
Eylem Levelt Postgraduate Student
Yang Li Yang Li Postgraduate Student
Kevin Liu Postgraduate Student
Kun Liu Postgraduate Student
Achilleas Livieratos Postgraduate Student
Oliver Lomas Postgraduate Student
Chieh-Ju Lu Postgraduate Student
David Main Postgraduate Student
Sophia Malandraki-Miller Postgraduate Student
Latt Mansor Postgraduate Student
Andre Marques Smith Andre Marques Smith Postgraduate Student
Simonas Masiulis Postgraduate Student
Megan Masters Postgraduate Student
Joel May Postgraduate Student
Conor McClenaghan Postgraduate Student
Laura McKillop Postgraduate Student
Jennifer Millar Jennifer Millar Postgraduate Student
Jack Miller Postgraduate Student
Stephanie Millin Stephanie Millin Postgraduate Student
Antonio Miranda Antonio Miranda Postgraduate Student
Sophie Norman Postgraduate Student
Rebecca Nunn Postgraduate Student
Peadar O'Donohoe Peadar O'Donohoe Postgraduate Student
Aisling O'Loughlin Postgraduate Student
Khadijeh Pakzad Postgraduate Student
Mariangela Panniello Postgraduate Student
Leigh Paton Postgraduate Student
William Pembroke Postgraduate Student
Mihindukulasuriya Perera Postgraduate Student
Nayia Petousi Postgraduate Student
Madeleine Pope Postgraduate Student
Anna Popplestone Postgraduate Student
Dawid Potgieter Postgraduate Student
Catrin Radcliffe Postgraduate Student
Vani Rajendran Postgraduate Student
Chris Rands Postgraduate Student
Siamak Redhai Postgraduate Student
Rosalind Roberts Rosalind Roberts Postgraduate Student
Paul Robertson Paul Robertson Postgraduate Student
Nils Rorsman Postgraduate Student
Sharon Ruane Postgraduate Student
Laura Schmidt Postgraduate Student
Jenna Schwarz Jenna Schwarz Postgraduate Student
Prashanthini Shanthakumar Postgraduate Student
Qingji Shen Postgraduate Student
Mary Slingo Postgraduate Student
Max SloanMax Sloan Postgraduate Student
Alexandra Smith Postgraduate Student
Michael Song Michael Song Postgraduate Student
Lukasz Stasiak Postgraduate Student
Julia Steinberg Julia Steinberg Postgraduate Student
Brianna Stubbs Brianna Stubbs Postgraduate Student
Bin Sun Postgraduate Student
Jennifer Tan Postgraduate Student
Kim-Long Tang-Wright Postgraduate Student
Joe Taylor Postgraduate Student
Matthew Thomas Postgraduate Student
Christoph Treiber Christoph Treiber Postgraduate Student
Brandon Turner Postgraduate Student
Katarina Vrcelj Postgraduate Student
Katharina Wagner Katharina Wagner Postgraduate Student
Jonathan Webb Postgraduate Student
Claudia Wehrspaun Postgraduate Student
Michael Weinberger Postgraduate Student
Friederike Winter Postgraduate Student
Heike Wobst Heike Wobst Postgraduate Student
Caroline Woffindale Postgraduate Student
Yixing Wu Postgraduate Student
Federico Zambon Federico Zambon Postgraduate Student
Jing Zhang Postgraduate Student