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Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre Logo: the OPDC is funded by Parkinson's UK. Change attitudes. Find a cure. Join us.

OPDC Newsletters

Our newsletter contains updates on our research and more information on our aims. They are available to download via the links below in PDF format. If you require an alternative plain text copy, please email


Our Spring 2023 newsletter includes:

  • Welcome!
  • Who we are & what we do
  • New Publications
  • OPDC takes NYC!
  • Oxford Parkinson’s Research Day
  • Parkinson’s UK fellowship Award
  • Upcoming events
  • Participant feedback
  • Want to be involved?
  • Giving to OPDC


Our Spring 2022 newsletter includes:

  • Updates from the discovery team on the UPP project
  • Introducing the Central Oxford Cohort Team
  • News for research participants
  • OPDC team update
  • Parkinson’s UK walk
  • New laboratory facilities
  • Current OPDC research work and findings
  • Two major new Grants
  • Giving to OPDC

OPDC Newsletter - March 2021

Our Spring 2021 newsletter includes:

  • updates from the discovery team on OPDC3
  • launch of the new OPDC website
  • new staff
  • new trials, publications & useful links
  • a piece from one of our participants
  • new lab space

OPDC Newsletter - Autumn 2019

Our Autumn 2019 newsletter includes updates on:

  • our cohort studies from our cohort director Michele Hu,  
  • our work using smartphones to monitor Parkinson's progression.
  • a key protein in Parkinson’s which is showing promise for drug discovery
  • understanding the genetics of Parkinson’s
  • the World Parkinson’s Congress, Kyoto.
  • The newsletter also includes a poem by Maggie Lines and branch news from Parkinson's UK Milton Keynes.

OPDC Newsletter - Winter 2018-19

Our Winter 2018/19 newsletter includes an update on our cohort studies, a new study to look at sleep in the home, and an update on our work using smartphones to monitor Parkinson's progression.

Our statistician has been working to define new subsets of Parkinson's and our brain imaging research finds links between apathy and REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD).

There is also news on how we have used skin cells donated by cohort members to derive dopamine neurons in our labs and used these to study how one common variant in genetics can increase the risk of sporadic Parkinson’s.

OPDC Newsletter - Summer 2017

This newsletter has an update on the Discovery cohort and some of the key findings arising from the research being carried out in our clinics and beyond. There are new papers from OPDC on predicting risk of Parkinson's at early stages and how computing is being used to find ways to find ways to repurpose drugs for Parkinson's.  We have an update on new neuroscience funding in Oxford and we hear from one of our participants' in the Discovery cohort sharing his experience of taking part.

There is also news from the Oxford branch of Parkinson's UK and the amazing fundraising projects underway.

Thames Valley Excellence Network Newsletter - Summer 2016

Newsletter for the Thames Valley Excellence Network (TVEN), led by OPDC's Dr Michele Hu. 

It reports on the 2016 network meeting, discusses mental health issues in Parkinson's, updates on the First Steps programme for those just diagnosed with Parkinson's and highlights  research opportunities with OPDC. It also features Ewan Stutt from the younger onset Parkinson's group and founder of the charity for people with Parkinson's.   

The TVEN is part of a wider nationwide initiative led by Parkinson’s UK to improve the quality of care for people with Parkinson’s (PwP), address regional inequalities and empower both patients and Health Professionals managing Parkinson’s to proactively manage this condition.

OPDC Newsletter - Summer 2016

This newsletter includes a Discovery Cohort Update with perspective from a study participant with early-onset Parkinsons, a summary of some of our recent publications on dopamine signalling and how growing neurons via skin cells donated by participants is helping us understand Parkinson's genetics. There are also details of some of our recent public engagement and a welcome to our new OPDC Career Development Fellows. 

OPDC Newsletter - Autumn 2015

This Autumn 2015 issue includes a Discovery Cohort Update with a research participant perspective, a summary of some of our recent publications, details of some of our recent public engagement and a welcome to our new OPDC Career Development Fellows. 

OPDC Brochure - 2015

A year in review.

OPDC Newsletter - Spring 2015

This bumper issue of the OPDC newsletter celebrates our funding renewal and includes news on research in to Parkinson's and sleep disorders, how imaging can help detect early signs of Pakrinson's and how we are using blood samples to try to find biomarkers for early diagnosis.

OPDC Newsletter - Spring 2014

Results from our clinical cohort revealing new insights into Parkinson's, an article by Dr Jonathan Stevens about the work at OPDC and Interviews with 'healthy controls' on why they participate in the study.

OPDC Newsletter - Winter 2013

Some initial results from our clinical cohort, an interview with a relative participant and announcement of successful local applications for new Parkinson's research projects.

OPDC Newsletter - Autumn 2011

Present the aims of our research as well as an update on recent results of our research into stem cell models, brain imaging, the Parkinson's Brain Bank, and clinical biomarkers in Parkinson's.

OPDC Newsletter - Autumn 2010

In the first edition of the OPDC newsletter, we will introduce you to the group of scientists who are leading this initiative, describe some of the exciting work we will be doing, and invite you to the launch of the clinical arm of the project to be held at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford on Friday 24th September.