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BBC News screenshot of Dr Baig in the labDr Fahd Baig, an OPDC Clinical Research Fellow, has featured in a BBC news video that reports on a phone app that we are using to understand how Parkinson's disease develops over time. Researchers in our centre have been using a smartphone app to collect data on the progression of patients' symptoms. The app uses seven different tests to measure voice, tremor, walking gait and reaction times. Simply getting a patient to say "ahhh" into the phone can diagnose someone with Parkinson's disease with 99% accuracy. This data collected from the phone app is furthering our understanding as to how Parkinson's disease develops over time and affects people in different ways. In the future, it could be used to supplement clinical work by helping doctors to monitor patients' progress more accurately.


To find out more as to how voice recordings can be used to detect Parkinson's disease, watch OPDC Investigator Dr Max Little's TED talk here