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On Monday 5th June 2023, Professor Michele Hu and the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre (OPDC) hosted their open day at the Oxford Spires Hotel, Abingdon Road, Oxford.

Audience attending the OPDC public open day 2023
Audience attending the OPDC Open Day 2023

With the last OPDC open day being held before the COVID pandemic, it was an absolute joy to bring together so many people for the first time in 3 years, to be able to show and discuss some of the research happening within OPDC, and the world of Parkinson’s disease.

With almost 200 attendees, it was a great success and a day that was very overdue! There were various talks throughout the day, with many of the attendees being participants of the research being conducted within OPDC.

The day was opened by Professor Michele Hu, who gave a welcome and a general overview of OPDC, what the day will cover, and an insight into current and upcoming research within Parkinson’s Disease and REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD).

The list of speakers and topics that were discussed during the day were:

  • Professor Michele Hu; Welcome & clinical trial update
  • Tanja Zerenner; What does Discovery cohort teach us about Parkinson’s symptoms and motor complications?
  • Jessica Welch & Katarina Gunter; Exenatide-PD3 trial & the CPT wearables update
  • Associate Professor Laura Parkkinen; New protein test for Parkinson’s
  • Professor George Tofaris; Developing a blood-based test to predict and diagnose Parkinson’s
  • Dr Johannes Klein; More than pretty pictures: How imaging helps us understand Parkinson’s
  • Jamil Razzaque & Maccel Obejero; PPMI study update & Lumbar puncture patient interview Q&A
  • Marie Hamard; The Oxford Brain Bank
  • Dr Ashwini Oswal; Advances in Parkinson’s surgery
  • Dr Kinan Muhammed; NeuHealth

View the recordings of each presentation on YouTube

Jamil Razzaque discussing Lumbar Punctures.jpg

Jamil Razzaque discussing Lumbar Punctures


Marie Hamard giving a talk about the Oxford Brain Bank.jpg

Marie Hamard giving a talk about the Oxford Brain Bank

Although the day was primarily focused on informative and insightful talks, there were also opportunities to sign up for various aspects of our research and the ability to take information home to give more information of how to get involved in OPDC.

Amongst the talks a lovely lunch spread was also put on, which gave both speakers, clinicians and the various attendees to have an opportunity to mix and interact with each other, something that is always highly appreciated at these events.

As there was a limit on numbers, the talks were all recorded and will be made available in the upcoming months through the OPDC website.

If you would also like more information or to sign up for some of the different aspects of OPDC, please see how to below: