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OPDC researchers on BBC news to highlight the need for volunteers to take as healthy controls and to join our RBD sleep study.

OPDC Clinical Research Fellow Dr Tom Barber recently spoke with BBC Oxford's David Prever about his research into REM sleep behaviour disorder (RBD) and the need to more people to join our study. REM sleep disorder is a condition where people act out nightmares in their sleep. Dr Barber discusses the need for more people with the sleep disorder to join our study and also how we are in need of healthy male volunteers over 50 to join as a control group. He also takes David through some of the tests participants in the study can expect.

MichelleHuBBCNews.pngOPDC's clinical theme lead, Dr Michele Hu also featured on BBC South today to discuss our study. Dr Hu said "What we know following up people with this REM sleep disorder is if you wait long enough, typically 10 or 15 years 90% of them will develop Parkinson’s or a related condition. So we think this group is absolutely key to understanding how early Parkinson’s progresses, and we think this group with REM sleep disorder are key to trial these therapies, to prevent them getting Parkinson’s in the first place".

Learn more about how to take part in our study here.