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A major building in the centre of Oxford has been constructed to create a new research centre bringing together cellular neuroscience and physical sciences.

Known as the new Kavli Institute for NanoScience Discovery (Kavli INSD), the building will uniquely combine structural biology with world-leading biochemistry, pathology, chemistry, physics, physiology and engineering.

It will also be home to many research staff including a strong presence of OPDC researchers. They will relocate to exciting new laboratory facilities with a focus on stem cell modelling for Parkinson’s Disease. The new building located at the heart of the South Parks Road Discovery Science Campus is nearing completion with research groups expected to move in Spring 2021.

Work in progress. Members of the OPDC taking a tour around their new laboratory space in February 2020.

The new space will bring together the Wade­-Martins and Cowley laboratories to create a major new effort for generating and studying stem cell models of Parkinson’s Disease.

8 OPDC researchers including Director Richard Wade-Martins, Dayne Beccano-Kelly and Natalie Connor Robson hold hard hats

Artists’ impression of the external view of the Kavli Institute for NanoScience Discovery (Kavli INSD)

Kavli INSD will accommodate OPDC researchers at the University of Oxford.

Artist impression of the Kavli Institute - very modern tree lined building with numerous windows.

A look inside one of the new laboratories

Professor Richard Wade-Martins, Head of the OPDC said, “I am delighted that the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre will be moving into new state of the art laboratory facilities as part of the new Kavli Institute on the South Parks Road campus.

The Institute will offer outstanding opportunities to work with other cell biologists working in similar areas as well as to initiate new cross-disciplinary programs with physical sciences, chemists and advanced microscopy. We are all very excited!”

Empty lab space ready for OPDC to move into in the Kavli Institute