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Dr Katherine Brimblecombe, OPDC researcher and member of the Cragg Group has written a blog post for Parkinson’s UK to explain her approach for making their latest findings more accessible.

Following their recent publication, describing mechanisms that control dopamine release in the context of Parkinson's: Striatal Dopamine Transporter Function Is Facilitated by Converging Biology of α-Synuclein and Cholesterol.  Katherine also wrote a lay account of "how α-synuclein changes the comings and goings of dopamine"  in an effort to make their findings more understandable.

Katherine said “I know how isolating it can be if you are spoken to in a language you can’t engage with, and I would hate for my research to make people with Parkinson’s feel this way. So I decided to write a full version of our recent paper that I hope is accessible to the Parkinson’s community. I am grateful to Parkinson’s UK for facilitating interactions with the Parkinson’s community, and I hope it will be a useful and interesting read!”


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