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Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre Logo: the OPDC is funded by Parkinson's UK. Change attitudes. Find a cure. Join us.

Parkinson's Monument Discovery Project

Despite major research breakthroughs, there are still no treatments that can slow, stop or reverse the progression of Parkinson's. Please note we are no longer recruiting participants for this project.

Research at the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre

Short video highlighting the key research being carried out at OPDC. Featuring OPDC researchers and supporters.

Tackling Parkinson's - Michele Hu

Consultant Neurologist Michele Hu outlines the work of the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre and the research that the centre is undertaking to find a cure for the disease.

Highlights from the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre

A brief overview of some of the research into Parkinson's being carried out within the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre.

REM behavior disorder (RBD) Discovery Cohort participant interview

An interview with a Discovery Cohort participant discussing REM behavior disorder (RBD) along with Professor Michele Hu and Dr Christine Lo