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Lab Technician (1985), Lab Manager, Practical Teaching and Technician Manager (2017)

LynneScottforwebsite.jpgLynne Scott first joined the Department of Human Anatomy in 1985 as a Lab Technician working for Fraser Shaw for three years, before a short stint with Dr Anne Clark, both collaborators of Professor John Morris, before becoming the Morris lab technician. During her time with Professor Morris, she was promoted to Lab Manager for many years, working in the field of electron microscopy. She also assisted with Professor Morris’s Neuroanatomy and Histology classes teaching undergraduate medical students.  After splitting her time between the Morris lab and the teaching labs for several years, she was promoted to Senior Technician supervising the technical aspects of setting up and running the pre-clinical Histology and Neuroanatomy classes for the medical students, as well as becoming a Deputy Departmental Safety Officer. She continued in these roles for a number of years, also continuing to cut sections for electron microscopy that were used in many departmental scientific publications. In 2017, she became Practical Teaching and Technician manager for DPAG, after the retirement of David O’Connor. In doing so, she became first woman to manage the Department's practical teaching and technical staff.

In this final departmental position, she managed all aspects of the day-to-day running of the practical classes associated with Anatomy, Neuroanatomy and Physiology sectors of the pre-clinical course, for Medicine, Medical Sciences and Experimental Psychology within the university. She was responsible for setting up and supervising the Neuroanatomy and Histology classes in the Medical Sciences Teaching Centre, and coordinated with the rest of the teaching team in the running of their Anatomy and Physiology classes. She also prepared teaching budgets, wrote job descriptions for the employment of new members of staff, and wrote health and safety risk assessments for both staff and practical classes. It was also part of her role to carry out Professional Development Reviews for each of the teaching team and help them to navigate the grading system for upgrading.

Lynne Scott cites supporting the work of staff, academic visitors, DPhil students and undergraduate medical students as one of the most rewarding aspects of her career. On her retirement in 2019, she was celebrated by Associate Professor Helen Christian: “Lynne has been outstanding technical support first as an electron microscopy technician in the John Morris Lab and then more recently as a teaching support technician. Lynne is unfailingly supportive, helpful, and resourceful as those who work with her will know. The ultrathin sections she prepares for electron microscopy are unrivalled in their consistency of exquisite perfection!"