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"A Year of Progress" was held in the Sherrington Library on Wednesday 9 November 2022.

Abstracts of posters were presented by DPAG Graduate Students at the start of their Second Year of DPhil Research Study. An academic panel of judges spent the morning viewing each poster to determine the prize winners. 

This year two winners have been announced. Juliana Tsz Yan Choi, supervised by Professor Scott Waddell and Dr Pedro Jacob, presented "The role of octopamine in Drosophila melanogaster learning and memory". Aksel Saukko-Paavola, supervised by Associate Professors Robin Klemm and Samira Lakhal-Littleton, presented "VAPB is a negative regulator of mitoguardin-2 Lipid Droplet tethering". 

Second Year Poster Day 2022 winners: Juliana Choi and Aksel Saukko-Paavola

Left: Juliana Tsz Yan Choi. Right: Aksel Saukko-Paavola

Two runners-up were announced this year. Ríona Devereux, supervised by Associate Professor Lisa Heather, Professor Angela Russell, and Dr Josie Gaynord, presented "Chemical tools to understand fatty acid uptake, trafficking, metabolism and signalling in type 2 diabetes". Jessica Livesey, supervised by Professor Stephanie Cragg, Dr Jeffrey Stedehouder, and Dr Mark Walton, presented "Investigating the regulation of striatal dopamine release by striatal noradrenaline at adrenoreceptors".

Second Year Poster Day 2022 runners-up: Riona Devereux and Jessica Livesey

Left: Ríona Devereux. Right: Jessica Livesey

The graduate studies committee would like to congratulate all students who presented this week; the standard of all the posters was high making it a very close competition.

Download a copy of the Poster Day 2022 Abstracts Booklet.