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Congratulations are in order for Professor Jaideep Pandit, Professor of Anaesthesia and DPAG Academic Visitor, on his appointment as the next Editor-in-Chief of Anesthesia & Analgesia (A&A) and its companion journal, A&A Practice. Professor Pandit is the first A&A Editor-in-Chief based outside the United States to lead this prestigious journal.

Jaideep Pandit headshotThe International Anesthesia Research Society (IARS) announced that Professor Jaideep Pandit has succeeded Jean-Francois Pittet to become the 8th Editor-in-Chief of its flagship journal Anesthesia & Analgesia (A&A). Now in its 101st year of publication, A&A is the longest running anaesthesia publication in the world.

Professor Pandit is a Fellow of St John’s College and Consultant Anaesthetist at Oxford University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, where he serves as Clinical Director of Operating Theatres. Last year, Professor Pandit became an Academic Visitor at DPAG, following a long-standing history of studying and collaborating with the Department. Most notably, he discovered that common anaesthetics can compete with each other and antagonise each other’s effects with Associate Professor Keith Buckler. In late 2022, Professor Pandit received the highest accolade given by the Royal College of Anaesthetists, the Gold Medal.

Professor Pandit brings a wealth of experience to his new role as A&A Editor-in-Chief, ranging from respiratory physiology and pharmacology, to clinical difficult airway management, neuroscience of accidental awareness, vascular anesthesia and statistics, amongst other themes in which he has published many highly-cited articles. Professor Pandit is a recognised authority in operating room management and health economics and has served on the Council of the Royal College of Anaesthetists where he chaired the national Safe Anaesthesia Liaison Group for over 6 years, publishing key national and international safety guidelines. He also led the UK’s 5th National Audit Project on Accidental Awareness, which resulted in important practice changes to reduce this much feared potential complication of anesthesia.

Chair of the IARS Board of Trustees Dr Santhanam Suresh said: “We are delighted to recruit someone of Professor Pandit’s caliber as the next A&A Editor-in-Chief. The IARS Board was impressed with Jaideep’s breadth of experience in clinical and basic science, and his decade-plus service as Editor, including Senior Editor, of the UK journal ‘Anaesthesia’. We are very excited by his strategic vision for the next phase in our journals’ long history, especially in promoting our aim of global reach”.

Professor Pandit said: “I am honoured to have been selected by the IARS Board to lead what has been long known to be the pre-eminent journal in the specialty. A&A is possibly unique in the breadth of its scope, encompassing both clinical practice and basic science as relevant to anaesthesia across all the subspecialties. The affiliation of so many key societies with an international reach also makes the role an excitingly strategic one. A&A is supported by a fantastic editorial team and an enthusiastic Board within the IARS. I feel particularly privileged to be succeeding such distinguished predecessors in the role. Dr Jean-Francois Pittet has been as ever charming and helpful before and during the transition and I am sure to call upon his wise counsel in the months and years to come. I was honoured to co-publish with his predecessor, Dr Steven Shafer and I will be committed as my priority to promoting the journal, as they did, to ensure it strengthens its position as the world leader in disseminating anaesthesia clinical practice and science. I invite all colleagues in the specialty, as authors, to join us in this mission and submit their valued work to us”.

Head of the University of Oxford's Nuffield Department of Anaesthetics (NDA) Professor Andrew Farmery said: “This is a significant achievement, not just for Jaideep and for Oxford, but for UK clinical science as a whole. That a British, Oxford-trained and practising anaesthetist should be appointed to this important international leadership position in the specialty speaks volumes for what UK science can accomplish when at its best, and should serve as an inspiration for others as they broaden their horizons and aspirations. We know Jaideep has not only the skills but the commitment, energy and drive to deliver success for the journal in this challenging role”.

Head of DPAG Professor David Paterson said: “For over 30 years since he undertook his first doctorate under supervision of Professor Peter Robbins in respiratory physiology, Professor Pandit’s collaborative research has been based within the department, and he continues to investigate with Associate Professor Keith Buckler and others the anaesthetic effects on oxygen sensing. The department congratulates Jaideep, and is delighted and proud with the association: we offer our support to the journal as Jaideep assumes its leadership.”