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Dr Matthew Stower was selected to give an oral presentation of his work and his abstract won the second prize at the Joint Spring Meeting of the British Society for Developmental Biology (BSDB) and the British Society for Cell Biology (BSCB).

Dr Matthew Stower alongside research image showing on one half the tissue motion in the epithelium, and the other half the outlines of individual cells in our data.

Postdoctoral Research Scientist Dr Matthew Stower was selected to give a talk at the joint annual meeting of the BSDB and BDCB held at Warwick University from 3 - 6 April 2022.

Dr Stower presented a poster of his research entitled "Single-cell phenomics reveals behavioural & mechanical heterogeneities underpinning migratory activity during mouse anterior patterning", and became runner-up in the post-doc poster competition, receiving £100 prize money.

Dr Stower's poster and talk outlined research that reveals for the first time the cellular events underlying a migratory event in the early mouse embryo that is essential for normal development. To do this, Dr Stower and his team in DPAG's Srinivas Group generated a high resolution timelapse dataset using lightsheet imaging and developed a novel quantitative single-cell analysis approach they term "single-cell Phenomics" to analyse the phenotypes of epithelial cells throughout the migratory event. 

Dr Stower said: "We believe this method will be useful to the research community as it provides an analytical framework for understanding complex multi-dimensional data."

The method is detailed in a recent Spotlight review article authored by Dr Matthew Stower and Professor Shankar Srinivas entitled "Advances in live imaging early mouse development: exploring the researcher's interdisciplinary toolkit", available to read in Volume 148, Issue 18 of Development.