Nikita Ved


Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Research Fellow

  • Stipendiary Lecturer, Merton College, Oxford

A novel approach to investigating how maternal diabetes contributes to congenital heart defects

I am a Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Dr Duncan Sparrow's group in the Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics. 

I studied neuroscience at the University of Bristol for my undergraduate degree and obtained my PhD from University College London in 2016, working on the anti-angiogenic therapy for diabetic retinopathy at the Institute of Ophthalmology. During this time, I also investigated the effects of VEGF splice variants in the treatment of diabetic neuropathy in collaboration with the University of Nottingham. In 2015 I was awarded the British Microcirculation Society Young Investigators Prize for my work on microvascular dysfunction in the diabetic retina.

In 2016 I was awarded a Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Research Fellowship, investigating how pre-existing maternal diabetes induces embryonic heart defects with Dr Duncan Sparrow and Professor Dame Frances Ashcroft. I am also continuing research into how hyperglycaemia/hypoinsulinemia affects the retinal microvasculature.

Congenital birth defects shown using high resolution episcopic microscopy