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Jakub Tomek

Postgraduate Student

I am a graduate student in DPAG, using a combination of experimental, image processing, and computational modelling approaches to understand cardiac [pato]physiology. My main interest lies in researching the role of cardiac sympathetic innervation in the post-infarction border zone, focussing at its proarrhythmic and antiarrhythmic effects. My second interest is stretch-sensing in cardiac cells in response to hypertension and/or myocardial infarction and its implications on cardiac disease development (systolic & diastolic heart failure, various types of fibrillation) via altered collagen deposition, collagen crosslinking, and growth of sympathetic nerves in the ventricles.

I'm supervised by Dr. Gil Bub, Prof. Blanca Rodriguez, and Prof. David Paterson; I'm also receiving great supervisor-like help from A/Prof. Neil Herring, Dr. Rebecca Burton, and A/Prof. Carolyn Carr.

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