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Postdocs from DPAG, Biochemistry and the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology gathered at the Biochemistry Building for an interdepartmental poster session where they had the opportunity to disseminate their research whilst also learning about the research from a wide range of colleagues.

We also congratulate our two runner up winners from DPAG, Nikita Ved (Sparrow Group) with "Investigating the perturbation of neural crest cells in diabetic embryopathy" and Jakub Tomek (Herring Group) with "Development, calibration and validation of a novel computational human ventricular cardiomyocyte model in healthy, diseased, and drug block conditions."

The full programme for the day is available here.

Runner up winners, Nikita ved and jakub tomek


dpag postdoc rep stefania monterisi


many researchers and academics gathered to view the posters