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BA, Physiological Sciences, 2006-09

MayaBahosy.jpgAfter completing her studies at Oxford, supervised by Piers Nye and Peter Kohl, Maya Bahoshy pursued a career in international development and global health. Upon graduating, she moved to Jordan and worked with a variety of NGOs and the UN on projects ranging from increasing community access to health care to youth educational projects on the conservation and preservation of Petra. In 2011, she moved to Washington DC to complete an MA in International Development Studies at George Washing University, going onto work with International Medical Corps, an international humanitarian aid organisation. She established a new role as the Social and Behaviour Change Officer, and worked on a variety of challenges from malnutrition in Ethiopia, to Gender based violence in Libya, alongside designing community programmes and communication to support medical work in the response to the Ebola crisis in Guinea. 

In 2015, Maya shifted her career towards youth development and education for social impact. She spent a year on the On Purpose leadership programme on 2 projects; widening participation at King’s College London and the National Citizens Service summer programmes. She later completed a PGCE with the Ark Teacher Training programme, training at Kensington Aldridge Academy immediately after the Grenfell fire in 2017. She has since continued to design youth programmes, and most recently has been working as a community manager and coach for the Minerva Institute - a global university seeking to change higher education. She designs experiences for students on rotation semesters to engage with the people, history and culture of London. “As a coach for the students, I support them in navigating their university years discovering more about themselves, the world around them and helping them plan for their future in this everchanging world. My own diverse career path has given me the confidence to help them realise the potential to keep pivoting and adapting as the world around changes, and they continue to grow.” (Maya Bahoshy)