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Headshot by John Cairns

Research groups


Lauren Burgeno

National Science Foundation Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Biology

  • Somerville College Fulford Junior Research Fellow

I earned my PhD in Pharmacology in 2017 from the University of Washington where I worked under the mentorship of Dr. Paul Phillips, investigating the roles that drug-cue elicited phasic dopamine release plays in controlling drug-taking vs. drug-seeking behaviors.

Since then, I have been a Postdoctoral researcher working in collaboration with Prof. Stephanie Cragg and Dr. Mark Walton’s Groups at Oxford.  My main interest lies in understanding the mechanisms by which striatal acetylcholine gates cue-elicited dopamine release in real-time during  behavior.  

I use a combination of approaches to study this, including in vivo fast-scan cyclic voltammetry, optogenetics and photometry to measure and manipulate dopaminergic and cholinergic activity in reward guided behavioral paradigms.  

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