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Humaira Noor

DPhil Student

My DPhil project aims to explore circuit abnormalities and in particular identify downstream dysfunction in the striatum using advanced models of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) from induced pluripotent stem cells. The striatum is one of the key outputs through which dopamine influences movement and behaviour. I am keen to understand how this pathway becomes compromised in PD using molecular and electrophysiological approaches. This research will broaden our knowledge of striatal circuit disturbances likely accompanied by progressive dopaminergic neuron dysfunction and highlight disturbed circuit interactions as a therapeutic target in PD. Prior to my DPhil, I completed MSc in Pharmacology at the University of Oxford in 2020 and continued my project as a Research Assistant at the James and Lillian Martin Centre. I was involved in understanding the role of mitochondrial quality control in immune dysfunction associated with Parkinson's disease in iPSC-derived microglia.