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Aeron Laffere

DPhil Student in Neuroscience

Aeron obtained his Master in Neuroscience from the University of Oxford, where he is now working towards the degree of Doctor of Philosophy.

Under the supervision of Dr Adam Tierney, Aeron’s work as an undergraduate investigated signatures of sustained and selective attention to sound in low-frequency electrical brain activity.

Aeron’s post-bachelor work consisted of two projects, one continuing the work started under Dr Adam Tierney and another in collaboration with Dr Ede Rancz at the Francis Crick Institute in London, UK. This latter project led to the development of a computational account of morphological features governing the heterogeneity of pyramidal neuron excitability across sensory cortices.

Aeron’s research in Oxford concerns the neural circuitry underpinning learning and decision-making. In collaboration with the Lak Group, he combines state of the art tools for recording and manipulating neuronal activity with richly structured behavioural tasks.