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Hilary 2014

  • March: Congratulations to Clive Wilson and DPhil student Siamak Redhai are both invited to present their research at the "55th Annual Drosophila Conference" in San Diego, California!

Michaelmas 2013

  • October: Warm welcome to Biochemistry student Hannah Ledbury who joins the lab for her fourth year project.

Trinity 2013

  • August: Warm welcome to Dr Mark Wainwright who joins the group.
  • May: Warm welcome to FHS student Katherine Windsor who joins the lab
  • April: Warm welcome to FHS student Jeeun Song who joins the lab

Hilary 2013

Michaelmas 2012

  • October: Warm welcome to DPhil student Siamak Redhai who joins the group on a 3-year MRC funded studentship.