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Groups Collaborating with the Riley Research Group

Within Oxford University:


  • Professor Roger Patient (Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine). Zebrafish heart development and regeneration.
  • Professor Angela Russell (Department of Chemistry). Small molecule screening and target drug development in human epicardial cells.
  • Professor Tatjana Sauka-Spengler (Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine). i) Genome-wide approaches to profile epicardial heterogeneity in zebrafish developing larvae and adult heart regeneration. ii) Molecular profiling of macrophages during zebrafish heart regeneration and scar formation.
  • Professor Shankar Srinivas (Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics).  Investigating the onset of cardiomyocyte Ca2+ handling and contractility in the early embryonic heart.
  • Professor Jurgen Schneider (Radcliffe Department of Medicine). MRI of regenerating zebrafish and neonatal mouse models.
  • Professor Matthew Freeman (Dunn School of Pathology). Role of TNFa/iRhom2 and inflammation in cardiac wound repair.
  • Professors Robin Choudhury (Radcliffe Department of Medicine) and Professor David Greaves (Dunn School of Pathology). Role of macrophages in cardiovascular regeneration and fibrosis.
  • Professor David Jackson (Weatherall Institute of Molecular Medicine). The role of Lyve-1 in cardiac lymphatic vessel trafficking of immune cells following injury.


External (UK):


External (Overseas):

  • Professor Wolframm Zimmerman (University Medical Center Göttingen; Leducq TNE). Epicardial exosome signaling and myocardial regeneration.