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Peter Magill

OPDC Investigator

  • Theme 3 Co-Leader

Professor Peter J. Magill is one of the founding Investigators of the OPDC, and currently co-leads OPDC Research Theme 3. Work in this Theme is dedicated to the 'deep phenotyping' of new and improved rodent models of Parkinson's (many of which are generated at the OPDC), with a view to providing mechanistic rationale and proof-of-principle for novel therapeutic interventions. The contributions of Peter’s research group to the OPDC’s overall research strategy include the generation of high-resolution readouts of the specialized functions carried out by different types of nerve cell in vivo.

Peter is a Professor of NeurobiologyMRC Programme Leader, Deputy Director and Wellcome Trust Investigator at the MRC Brain Networks Dynamics Unit at the University of Oxford. Peter’s research interests are focused on movement control and neurodegenerative disorders. His work places particular emphasis on defining the principles of operation of a group of brain circuits called the basal ganglia, which lie at the core of the major pathology in Parkinson's.

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