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Congratulations are in order to Yitao Zhu on winning a Goodger and Schorstein Award from the Medical Sciences Internal Fund.

Yitao Zhu, a fourth year DPhil student in the Domingos group, supervised by Professor Ana Domingos and Associate Professor Neil Herring, has won a 2023 Goodger and Schorstein award from the Medical Sciences Divisional Funding Panel to contribute towards final year living expenses.

Yitao's research focuses on the sympathetic regulation of the adipose tissue: "Using state-of-the-art tissue-clearing techniques and transgenic animal models, I have been investigating the anatomy of NPY+ sympathetic innervation in the adipose tissue and how NPY+ sympathetic axons regulate energy expenditure, thermogenesis, inflammation and affect obesity. One major focus of this research is to find the target of NPY in the adipose tissue and elucidate the mechanism by which sympathetic-neuron-derive NPY regulates its target".