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a composite image of student portraits

A Year of Progress


Abstracts of posters were presented by DPAG Graduate Students at the start of their Second Year of DPhil Research Study. An academic panel of judges spent the morning viewing each poster and discussing the content with the presenter.


Winners:              Nikola Srnic (Lisa Heather & Leanne Hodson)

Investigating the Mechanisms Underlying the Differential Handling of Saturated and Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids in Human Cardiomyocytes

                           Marissa Mueller (Zoltán Molnár, Stuart Peirson & Vlad Vyazovskiy)

Cerebral Cortical Layers 5 and 6b Interdependently Influence Neural Architecture and Behaviour


Runners-up:       Alex Demby (Manuela Zaccolo & Jacub Tomek)

Compartmentalised cAMP Signals Evoked by Beta-Blockers

                           Veronica Tarka (Kerry Walker & Andy King)

Neurons invariantly encode pitch derived from two types of acoustic cues


The winners each receive a £50 Blackwell’s voucher with the runners-up both receiving a £25 Blackwell’s voucher.

The Graduate Studies Committee would like to congratulate all students who presented this week; the standard of all the posters was high making it a very close competition.