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A department-wide image competition has yielded a wide variety of beautiful images showcasing the diversity and breadth of DPAG's science. Two prize winners and a further three commended pictures are announced.

In Trinity Term 2023, Head of Department Professor David Paterson ran an image competition to refresh the science displayed on the Sherrington building walls. DPAG researchers and graduate students were invited to take part and a wide variety of research images across a range of styles and themes were carefully considered.

Congratulations to our joint first prize winners, both based at the IDRM - postdoctoral research scientist Dr David Grainger of the Stone Group and DPhil student Judy Sayers of the Riley Group, who each receive a £75 Blackwell's e-voucher. Their pictures will be framed and displayed in the Department. 

Additionally, three commended pictures have been selected to be framed and displayed in the Department. Congratulations to Dr Matthew Stower of the Srinivas Group, to Sumedha Nalluru,a recently graduated DPAG MSc Neuroscience student, and also to Dr David Grainger, who in addition to his first prize winning entry, has an additional commended image.

Joint First Prize - Dr David Grainger

David GraingerRainbow Vasculature

Rainbow Vasculature

Joint First Prize - Judy Sayers

Judy Sayers 3D-rendering of a post-natal mouse heart

3D-rendering of a post-natal mouse heart

The organ has been made transparent through tissue clearing to reveal both the coronary arteries and the His/Purkinje system, the heart's dedicated electrical network which controls the synchrony of cardiac contraction.

Commended - Dr Matthew Stower

Matthew Stower Whirling Cells

Whirling Cells

Tissue motion tracking of epithelial cells in a mouse embryo using timelapse lightsheet microscopy and polar cartographical mapping – track colours represent direction of cell movement.

Commended - Dr David Grainger

David GraingerPeering into the microscopic intricacies of ocular creation

Peering into the microscopic intricacies of ocular creation

Commended - Sumedha Nalluru

Sumedha Nalluru Harmonic Resonance: Melodies Within

Harmonic Resonance: Melodies Within