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The IMS-Tetsuya Nakamura Building, which houses the new Institute of Developmental & Regenerative Medicine (IDRM) at Old Road Campus has been completed.

© Chris Price/Eveline James


We now look forward to the next very exciting phase of filling the Institute with world leading researchers and working collaboratively across the fields of neuroscience, cardiovascular and immunology to pioneer new treatments for birth defects and acquired diseases.Professor Paul Riley, British Heart Foundation Professor of Regenerative Medicine and Director of the IDRM

DPAG is delighted to see the completion of the building housing the first Institute of its kind to physically merge the disciplines of developmental biology and regenerative medicine in a common goal to treat some of the world’s most prolific diseases.

Director of the IDRM Professor Paul Riley and the DPAG research groups joining his Cardiology theme are eager to get started in their common goal, together with teams led by Professor Georg Holländer and Professor Matthew Wood from the Department of Paediatrics.

More information and pictures of the completed building can be found on the IDRM website.