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Congratulations are in order to Associate Professor Helen Christian, who has been appointed to the role of Associate Head of Division for Education, succeeding Professor David Vaux.

Deputy Head of Department and Director of Teaching and Education Associate Professor Helen Christian will take up the post of Associate Head of Division for Education from 1 October 2023.

Prof Christian brings a wealth of experience over 25 years in both undergraduate and graduate education to the role. She has served two periods as DPAG's Director of Graduate Studies, and she is presently Associate Director for Preclinical Studies and Biomedical Sciences in the School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. In addition, she is Chair of the Medical Sciences Division's (MSD) Graduate School Committee, member of the Division's Educational Policy and Standards Committee (EPSC), Chair of the University’s Education IT Board, and MSD representative on the Digital Education Strategy Working Group and the Digital Transformation and IT oversight boards.

Prof Christian has been recognised by an OxTalent award for innovative teaching in 2011, and several MSD Teaching Excellence Awards. Most recently, she was awarded an Excellent Teacher Award in 2021 for consistent excellence in teaching. The award reflected very positive student feedback about the online teaching resources and live Teams Q&A she ran during the lockdown period while students were studying from home.