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Research groups


  • Andrew King
    Andrew King

    Director, Centre for Integrative Neuroscience & Wellcome Principal Research Fellow

Veronica Tarka

DPhil Student

  • Clarendon Scholar

I am a DPhil student in the Auditory Neuroscience Group under the supervision of Associate Professor Kerry Walker and Professor Andy King. I study how we perceive the pitch of sounds, and how our brains can use pitch and other cues to focus on specific sounds in a noisy environment. We use electrophysiology, behavioural tasks, and computational models to understand how neural activity relates to auditory perception and everyday interactions that depend on sound.

I graduated with a BSc in Neuroscience from McGill University in Montréal where I worked under Dr Étienne de Villers-Sidani at the Montreal Neurological Institute to investigate cortical plasticity in the auditory cortex in both humans and animal models.