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Shaun Burton

Operations Manager, Facilities

Working with the Head of Administration and Head of Department, I am responsible for administering infrastructure related processes and working with them on buildings-related issues covering: 

  • Buildings
  • Security
  • Stores
  • Cleaning
  • Reception areas

I am also responsible for the following areas:

  • Managing all issues related to buildings management and maintenance programmes
  • Ensuring the efficient functioning of all buildings that comprise the departmental estate – Sherrington, Le Gros Clarke, OCGF, Burdon Sanderson Cardiac Sciences Centre
  • Ensuring that departmental facilities comply with relevant legislation and building standards
  • Management of services and stores
  • Managing refurbishment projects and providing input into all new building projects
  • Organising out-of-ours call-out arrangements in the event of a building emergency and acting as a member of the emergency call-out team

I joined the Department in January 2004 as a research and teaching technician. In May 2005, I was appointed as the ‘Laboratory Steward’ for the Department of Physiology. This position combined both building and stores management for the Sherrington building. In October 2010, and after completing an MSc in Facilities Management, I became the Operations Manager for the merged departments of ‘Physiology’ and ‘Human Anatomy’.