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Samuel Snowdon


Anatomy Teaching Prosector

  • a strong attention to detail and expert technical skills to ensure the Anatomy Suite operates to the highest standards;
  • a high degree of professionalism relating to the care of human body donors and teaching specimens.
  • Expert knowledge of human anatomy, to permit production of high-quality teaching prosections and instruction of medical and biomedical science students.
  • Acting as part of the Departmental teaching team as an anatomy / neuroanatomy / histology demonstrator in the practical teaching laboratories and providing lectures and seminars for the instruction of undergraduate and graduate medical students and undergraduate biomedical sciences students on some Divisional courses. This includes producing lecture notes, course materials and reading lists.
  • Developing the design, content, structure and delivery of existing gross anatomy modules/courses, where appropriate.
  • Participating in and support the public engagement and widening access activities of the Department and the University.
  • Providing supervision and instruction to undergraduate and graduate medical students carrying out dissection in the anatomy laboratory environment, as part of recognised Divisional courses. And, using expertise in prosection and dissection skills to teach medical students.
  • Developing new teaching approaches and course proposals, investigating innovative teaching and learning methods and bringing new insights into the department which enhance the students’ learning opportunities.

I have a unique role that combines elements of both a teaching and anatomy laboratory technical role.

I arrived at Oxford in 2019 after completing a masters in Human Anatomy with Education at the University of Sheffield and am now studying for a masters in Medical Education.