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Samuel Snowdon


Anatomy Teaching Prosector

Having received my MSc from The University of Sheffield in 2019, I moved to Oxford soon after to begin working here at the university. It was also in 2019 that I became enrolled as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. 

I hold a dual position as I am a part of the departmental teaching team whilst also being involved with the technical aspects of the job in the Anatomy Suite.

  • I am involved with the organisation and teaching of Anatomy and Neuroanatomy on undergraduate and graduate Medical and undergraduate Biomedical Science courses.
  • I manage the Prosectorium ensuring that all anatomical specimens are looked after and kept to a high-standard for teaching and replace them when necessary.
  • I ensure that the Prosectorium is well audited and ensure that there is full traceability and proper documentation in place, in accordance with the Human Tissue Authority.
  • As a Persons Designated, I assist in ensuring compliance with Human Tissue Authority standards in the Anatomy Suite. 
  • I assist with the preparation and organisation of histology and physiology classes including setting up and assisting students during their practical classes.