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Samuel Snowdon


Mortuary Assistant and Teaching Technician

Having completed my masters degree in Human Anatomy with Education at The University of Sheffield in 2019, I moved to Oxford. Here, my job mainly involves the day-to-day running of the Anatomy Suite and providing cover for the Bequests Office as well as: 

• Embalming, preservation and maintenance of cadavers, as well as all of the prosections, skeletons, and our museum specimens. 

• Assistance with the preparation of material for all classes in the Anatomy Suite and Seminar rooms. This involves providing the best teaching materials for anatomy classes, setting up for classes and providing assistance to teachers and students during the session and also ensuring that all materials are properly stored afterwards. I also provide assistance with the preparation and organisation of Histology, Neuroanatomy and Physiology classes. 

• Liaising with academics in charge of teaching and other users as to their requirements and use of the Anatomy Suite. 

• Keeping accurate records relating to cadavers, prosections and other human material, ensuring that there is a full audit trail. 

• Ensuring that the mortuary, prosecting room and dissection room is kept clean and tidy at all times and making sure all waste is disposed of in an appropriate manner in line with University and Government standards. 

• Assistance with the day-to-day care of various services, instruments, cell store and cold rooms and reporting any problems to the Mortuary Supervisor.