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Peter Belk

Operations Manager, IT


As Operations Manager, IT, I am responsible for the management and development of the IT team and comprehensive IT services that it provides to the department. Working closely with the Head of Administration and the Head of Department I carry out a number of duties which enable a proactive approach in developing departmental plans for the future development of these services which take account of best practice both internal and external to the University. These include:

  • Development and maintenance of the departments IT strategy, policies and documented procedures with a view to providing the services required to meet the department’s research, teaching and support activities;
  • Planning and technical oversight of development and improvements to the department’s network infrastructure, server facilities, IT services and computing environment;
  • Ensuring compliance with the University’s rules and regulations concerning computer and network use;
  • Management for the systems administration computer server systems based on both Windows and UNIX/Linux technologies which provide the departments network services such as network file and printing services, web services, anti-virus and security services, and software updates;
  • Providing technical advice and support related to first-line IT support;
  • Managing the user support services which allow users of the network and IT facilities to make queries, report faults and request services.
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Members of My team

Mark Adedeji
Senior IT Officer

Neil Hoggarth
Policy Development Officer

Simon Middlecoate
Service Desk Analyst

Sean Nightingale
Service Desk Manager