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Research groups

Natascia Vedovato

Academic Visitor

Natascia has a Master in Science, Major in Physics, from the University of Padua in Italy (2003), and was awarded a DPhil in Biomedical, Endocrinological and Neurophysiological Sciences from the University of Ferrara in Italy in 2007. She then undertook postdoctoral training at the Rockefeller University in the group of Professor David C. Gadsby (2007–2014), and further her training at the University of Oxford where she joined the group of Professor Francis Ashcroft.

Her research focused on understanding the relationship between the structure and function of membrane proteins from ion channels to transporters and pumps addressing the role of these proteins in disease.

In the de Wet group, Natascia aims to use her patch clamping expertise to investigate the role of ABC transporters in the brain and their link to neurodegenerative disease.