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Lorraine Dyson

Group Administrator

  • Wade-Martins Group & OPDC Administrator
  • ARUK Thames Valley Network Centre Administrator

Providing project administration support for all research programmes held by Professor Wade-Martins across a variety of funders, ranging from charities, UK Government, European Commission and Industrial Collaborations. This includes two major initiatives; the Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre (OPDC) and the Thames Valley Alzheimer’s Research UK Network (ARUK).

I provide administrative support for the Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre (OPDC), including:- 

  • Engage and liaise with Parkinson's UK, the funding organisation, at a local and national level. 
  • Collate regular research reports, publications, conference presentations and public engagement activities for reporting purposes. 
  • Manage all financial administration, leading financial reporting and liaising with collaborators Reviewing monthly account reports to ensure grant is being spent as planned. 
  • Facilitate public engagement: Organise research Open Days; manage profile and liaise with TV, radio and newspaper opportunities to maintain a high public profile is as a charity-supported program. 
  • Arrange the OPDC seminar series.
  • Co-ordinate and schedule regular meetings of the OPDC Management Board, note and distribute action points. 
  • Develop and curate the OPDC website. 
  • Co-ordinate a training and appraisal program for the OPDC Career Development Fellows.
  • Co-ordinate the interaction with the OPDC international Scientific Advisory Board (SAB): Arrange and schedule telephone conferences, and face-to-face meetings; circulate information to the SAB to keep them informed on progress and strategy. 
  • Organise showcase research events for an audience of approximately 200 people involving OPDC speakers; invite SAB, local and national Parkinson's UK groups to a day of talks, posters, and lunch. 

I also provide administrative support for the Alzheimer's Research UK (ARUK) Thames Valley Network including:- 

  • To liaise and engage with the national funding body ARUK. 
  • Collate annual research reports, publications, conference presentations and public engagement activities for reporting purposes. 
  • Arrange major showcase ARUK Thames Valley Network Centre annual public meetings.
  • Liaise with other ARUK Network Centres around the country and administer collaborative research initiatives.
  • Arrange regular meetings of ARUK Thames Valley Network members, take and distribute minutes.
  • Instigate ARUK Thames Valley Network seminar series.
  • Administer the Oxford ARUK Network pilot grant funding scheme to support collaborative projects within Oxford. Manage budgets awarded and monitor spend within grant period. Prepare finance reports for ARUK. Collate and prepare budget for future funding period. 
  • Organise the annual ARUK Research conference if it comes to Oxford in collaboration with the ARUK national office.