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Research groups

Kathryn Todd


Postdoctoral Research Scientist

I am a postdoctoral research scientist in the Cragg group, working on a project funded by Aligning Science Across Parkinson's (ASAP) as part of a collaboration between groups and leading experts in multiple disciplines. I am currently investigating neuromodulators of striatal dopamine in health and Parkinson's disease using fast-scan cyclic voltammetry and imaging of genetically encoded fluorescent sensors.

Prior to my time at Oxford, I worked in the Freestone group at the University of Auckland, where I completed my PhD and worked as a postdoctoral research fellow. My work there focussed on a novel dopamine pathway from the substantia nigra pars lateralis to the tail of the striatum, and its modulation by the subthalamic nucleus. I studied this using several techniques in vivo, including fast-scan cyclic voltammetry, electrophysiology and optogenetics.    

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