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Jacinta Kalisch-Smith


Postdoctoral researcher

I am a post-doctoral research scientist in Dr. Duncan Sparrow’s group. I obtained my PhD in Brisbane, Australia, investigating the impacts of periconceptional alcohol exposure on the early embryo, uterine environment and placental formation. In 2016 I was awarded the Australian and New Zealand Placental Research Association (ANZPRA) New Investigator award for this work.

My current position now investigates how other environmental exposures such as maternal iron deficiency can alter heart development and lead to conditions such as congenital heart defects. This project on iron deficiency has been published in Nature Communications.

My recent side project on understanding placental arterio-venous formation and malfunction in embryos with congenital heart defects has recently published in Frontiers in Genetics in a special issue "Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Heart Development: Implications for Congenital Heart Disease." 

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