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Blake Russell

DPhil Neuroscience Candidate

I received my BSc in Neuroscience from the University of Leeds in June 2021. During my undergraduate degree, I completed a research project in the lab of Dr Stephen Muench performing computational analysis to better understand the binding of a small molecule to a protein complex implicated in glioblastoma. I also spent a year working at the pharmaceutical company 'Eisai' researching neurodegenerative disease, specialising in assay development, cell culture and lipidomics.

After graduating, I enrolled on the Msc Neuroscience (1+3) course at the University of Oxford, performing research in the labs of Dr Adam Packer and Professor Vladyslav Vyazovskiy during my first year. In September 2022, I returned to Packer Lab to begin my DPhil, in collaboration with Lak Lab, combining all-optical interrogation and neuropixel recordings to investigate neural coding principles in cortical and sub-cortical brain regions.